When Nature is saying good-bye to us just before her winter sleep, she is particularly beautiful. No wonder that during this time of the year so many still-lifes arise. The rust that lies above the trees fits them incredibly good and stimulates our creativity.
The leaves look as if they were old and wise. No wonder a black coffee always looks good with them. Autumn is just great. A homage in pictures (cover image by @nma.g):

Even if autumn also seems to be dried up sometimes, right now we can enjoy wonderful seasonal fruits:
@lightpoem has conjured up a wonderfully believing image that lets our mouths water.

Yashar_green has captured a classic. Pumpkins are now everywhere, and we care because they are delicious!

In order not to miss our monthly challenge, we have collected a few decent autumn moods in a gray color scheme. Looks quite like a new desktop background.

There is always a little space for minimalism.

And now just let these wonderful colours sink in.