Today is the day that we show you some of our favourite portrait photographers. Yep we also value their work, I especially love portrait photography but we just don’t show often photos with people on our Instagram feed. Portrait photography can be so different! It inspires me every time when you can get a real emotion, a moment or an impression through the lens of someone else. I have no idea how you feel about it but most of the times I appreciate pictures where I really want to get to know the person (or their story) on the photo. Obviously it was hard to choose just one photo, so definitely check out the feeds of the Instagramers.

@sarakhanov is one of the first who comes to my mind when it comes to expressive portrait photography. His photos show unique, strong faces and then again they are so clear that you get the impression you would face this person.

@lnaynay connects the humans beings with nature. She cleverly combines elements from the nature with the portraits and gives rise to magical sometimes melancholically beautiful pictures.

Not only people but also @j.e.rothaupt photos of nature and architecture are pretty nice. Especially the colors of this photo are amazing.

@christophschaller does classic portraits. Perfectly shaped faces in interaction with light and shadow.

Expressive photos with a high contrast are the speciality of the two photographers @tommynlace. Most notably: their black and white photography.

You can see authentic black and white snapshot on the feed of @noahagemophoto. He catches moments, telling a story with his photos.

And so does @enabothor. Her photos are expressive, impressing and full of stories.

The photographer @aufzehengehen draws attention to his models with always new interesting ideas. Besides the portraits, his landscape photography is also fantastic.

Characteristic for @bergstrvm, he takes photos of classic beauties. This shot taken with an analogue camera is my favorite.

Melancholic and dark are the photos of @ultraveloci. But that’s why they are so special and it even puts the faces more into focus.