It is August and not only the sun is burning, the life in the city is seething too.

So it seems just natural to dedicate our monthly challenge to the theme of #august_inthecity.
Not that there is nothing going on in the cities of the world but especially when it’s the summer peak time each one of them turns into a swimming pool of adventures, experiences and discoveries which will ensure some refreshment. We want to give you some impressions what cities look like in August and delved in the wonderful world of Instagram to show you these beautiful images.


Ein Beitrag geteilt von JOëlle (@joelle.d_) am

joelle.d_ shows us this idyllic, narrow alley of Lisbon, through which are also driving the typical, traditional trams. In summer it’s definitely worth to discover this breathtaking city by this adventurous little tour. Jump on, have a ride and enjoy.


Also markomorciano took the opportunity to capture a calm and harmonic alley of Rome. In the heat of the midday sun a woman is strolling around alone while the rest of the city is doing siesta.


Whereas people in other cities are relaxing in the shadow, the folks of Berlin love to get their refreshment at the Badeschiff. A peculiarly swimming pool photographed by teilzeitabenteurer.


In Downtown Pittsbourgh you just take a shower directly at the fountain of the PPG Place, for getting the neccessary refreshment in this weather. cee_lyn’s photograph just brings up the desire to enjoy such an urban shower, too.


Ein Beitrag geteilt von Alla (@kotofei4ka) am

A bit less wet but nevertheless the same cooling. A tasty ice cream like the ones of kotofei4ka, who enjoys it in the hot summer of St. Petersburg, Russia.


Ein Beitrag geteilt von Zanne (@z.saintamour) am

In Chambéry you don’t need the sea to get the beach feeling – a parasol, beach chairs and a floating ring in front of the fountain and you’ll have the perfect urban beach idyll. Just like z.saintamour is showing.


Yes, we love our city because here always something is happening. caseaberlino asks: „Have you ever been at the Mauerpark-Karaoke?“ Yes, we have and we can tell that it is a lot fun.


If you like a chilled and romantic atmosphere in Berlin, you hang out at the hill of the Mauerpark to get some relaxation after a long summer day in the city. The same as helenabrieftaube.


At least just as beautiful but high above the ground – a ride with the aerial cableway of the Emirates Air Line in London. thateilidhgirl shares this beautiful urban view and makes us dreaming.

You enjoyed our collection of summerly, urban photographs and have some great great shots yourself which you would like to share? Then show us your favourite city from its most summerly side and tag your images with #august_inthecity. If you get lucky, we will repost your photograph and if you get even more lucky, you have the chance to win something. We already are very curious about your city.