Sitting in our office whilst outside it is pouring down on our window, we like to wish ourselves to sunnier realms. Like the birds that move south in the winter, we too want to follow the sun. But since we cannot leave everything behind all of a sudden, we stick to following the adventures of our photographers for now, captured in their pictures. So today, we want to share this joy with you and introduce some of our favourite traveling Instagrammers to you.
Cover picture by _hannesthun

While we are just dreaming about it, _hannesthun really does live the dream of a sunny winter! For the fourth time, he returned to Cape Town to spent the winter months there. Since January 2016, he spents a quarter of each year there – restricted only by the visa. An end to this annual escape to the south is not foreseeable – rather the opposite, as with every stay, the city feels more and more like a new home. It’s like he finally arrived.

It’s not just the sun and the warmth that enriches his life there – it’s the people who make the city so liveable in his view. Having no permanent home neither in Germany nor in Cape Town, Hannes relies on the many contacts he has made, which provide him with shelter. As a solo traveler, it is easier to return to well-known hosts, he says. And with friends like that, it is easy to feel at home. “Home to me, means to have security in the form of good memories of loved ones and shared activities.”, he says. It’s also the South African philosophy of life that makes him feel so at ease – the freedom and joy to take each day as it comes.

This year, Hannes was able to attend to his wedding photography in South Africa for the first time. More specifically, in the region of Franschoek, which, in addition to many beautiful wineries and other wedding venues, can also score with beautiful and stable weather. For the future, he hopes to shoot more couples and weddings in Cape Town and the surrounding area – after all, love and weddings can be found everywhere.

Another current topic for Hannes is food photography, which we can currently admire on his second IG profile _hosthannes. “Preparing food, pleasing my fellow human beings has become my passion more and more over the years,” he says. “I like to be a host and to bring many people together around one table. The channel gives me the opportunity to inspire and encourage others to try something new, right at home in their own kitchen.”
Of course, life between countries does not just have sunny sides, but instead of worrying too much, Hannes prefers to enjoy the here and now, trusting in life and in finding his own way. An attitude that fits well into the Cape Town way of life: “In Cape Town, they say ‘we make a plan’ instead of ‘we have a plan’!”

Travelling also plays an important role in the life of maschalinka. When she travels, she sees new colours, shapes and images, she says. Her goal on every journey is to immerse herself in the respective country – to capture the atmosphere, people, food, smells, history, landscapes, culture and mentality of the country. From this she draws inspiration for photos and unique motives. But not only traveling influences photography. “It’s an interplay. I perceive the world and my surroundings differently through the lens. Looking at other motives, it’s not just the tourist attractions, but the many little things that have taken me to such remote and beautiful places already.” In January, after a week of winter holidays, she will also be in warmer domains. However, she is not decided yet, whether to travel to Sri Lanka, Tanzania or Botswana.

For muenchmax, traveling, in addition to all the personal enrichment, has a professional benefit, too. Because even his customers benefit from the different places he is travelling to. This winter, however, he is going to visit cooler regions – not chasing the sun like you might imagine.