November isn’t known for its glory. In fact, it might be the least popular month of them all. And yet, there is so much beauty to be found in this time of the year – your many submissions for our November challenge being the perfect proof. You have been out and about, seeking adventures, discovering beautiful landscapes and capturing perfect light. Or you’ve stayed home, getting cosy to dive into adventurous daydreams or books. Now, as November has almost come to its end, we have chosen some of our most favourite #cosydelights, starting the colletion with augenbl.icke and our cover picture.

One of the best things about this season is the light. It’s somewhere between warm and cool, gives a very special touch to everything and ensures the perfect views. lalumiereduloup has captured it perfectly in this great shot!

But even when the sun is hiding and doesn’t give us light to play with, there is still plenty of sights worth capturing. Especially with a foggy scenery as anavi_p proves! The fog makes for such a moody and atmospheric composition – it’s almost as if you can hear the silence and feel the peacefulness.

foxupnorth shows us how to enjoy rainfall like a pro with this interesting shot. Whether you prefer to stay inside listening to the sound of raindrops on your windows or like to dance in the rain – rainfall is part of every November so we better embrace it!

Remember the beginning of the month when all the trees were still wearing their colourful leaf dresses? No? Well, luckily augenbl.icke is showing off some lovely autumn colours for you to commemorate their beauty.

Now, however, most leaves have fallen – burying not only the ground underneath them as these fun shots by lizzie.bear and pollypoplollipop show.

Of course, cosy settings cannot only be found in nature. Even our hometown Berlin could show of during this November. Don’t you just love the soft colours of this photo from jacques.lemagnifique?

Winter’s here and we hope you all invested in a good pair of gloves! Surely, nathaliec136 was wearing some when she took this splendid photograph, capturing the cold frosty winter light perfectly.

And in case, the great outdoors won’t see you again until next spring – here’s one more picture for you – full of pure cosiness, shot by finejuppjupp.

Next up: December. We’re on Santa’s nice list this year and prepared some sweet surprises for you. To get you all excited for Christmas, we decided to start another Open Call! Tag your festive and fabulous pictures with #xmaswonders over on Instagram for a chance to see your photo in our next Christmas collection. Plus, there’s gonna be Advent Give Away specials going on the whole month. We partnered up with some pretty awesome companies so don’t miss out!