Schoscha is an #awesomeshop! Already a long life had this country residence when Sonja Messing, founder and artistic spirit of the dreamlike Interiorstore started to unite different centuries and designs in its rooms. Europe concentrated at this special spot in Austria.

She made her own metropole, on Bregenzer, into the place where design classics, antiques, fashion, literature, delicacies combine in some way that makes her visitors wish they could move in. An explanation how her magic gives Schoscha life, Sonja gave me during a telephone interview. Also her connection to Pickmotion and why our postcards are „heart opener“ for her and her customers, here comes the story.


Livemusic, DJs as Soul Brigada for example or the easteuropean musicans Urbana, vernissages, night shopping, sauna outdoors and dancing indoors – Schoscha offers space for experiences. New events are possible because Sonja gets requests without asking for it. She and her shop are magnets for the vivid atmosphere you can visit here. „I do a composition of a antique chair in front of a design wallpaper and over it, there shines a lamp frpm the 60s next to an ancient chandelier.“ She decorates the rooms with velvet and fur, coarse and fine fabric, old wood, glass, metalls, colorful and monochrome. „Most people believe this could never fit, then they visit my shop and are enthusiastic fans of it.“ It’s arranged as a flat, ready to live in it. To convey the impression is easy for Sonja, it is in her nature.

She brings her essential inspiration and lovely products along from all the different european countries she travels to. So Bregenz, a town that is calm, constant and has beautiful nature, benefits from the unique pieces. Sonja wants to keep the concept store vivid, she sells young and not yet really popular labels, products that are new in her town, the area or even Austria. „Far away from mainstream“ that’s her concept. And it gives the store a exclusive flair. An interior house that wants to be more than that, it works, many visitors show up and they are right to do so. Schoscha gets only great reviews on Facebook. A true favorite shop.

That was also the way Pickmotion and Schoscha found each other. We live the spirit of the times since four years when Pickmotion was founded,  looking for inspirational, innovative, poetic, in love with life photography on Instagram. Our postcards should show this, through the polaroid  look, they are made to keep physic photography alive. Also we try to combine. Sonja found the Pickmotion products and knew her costumers would love them as she did. And it was like this. „Lifeblood, kindness and a human, warm, delightful feeling – this is what your postcards convey – they are heart opener!“

Her favorite card is a classic, B-101 „life is konfetti“. One of our first city cards, shot – of course – in Berlin. This card speaks to her „because it is suitable for every occasion, even grief“. A extraordinary joy was it to hear that our postcards are the bestsellers of all the postcards in Sonjas big, diverse shop! Schoscha is like a suitcase full of unique gifts. To present your loved ones or yourself. Products with people standing behind them because of their personal commitment to and fun they gain from their business. As Sonja does and Schoscha shows.

Website of Schoscha

Bregenzerstraße 43
A – 6900 Bregenz

Opening hours
Tu-Fr 11-18
Sa 10-16