It’s time again. Another #awesomeshop, which we do not want to withhold from you – the zierpalast, near the castle park of Wiesbaden. Not only the beautiful location has a lot to offer, also in the shop itself, there are many beautiful things with charm to find. We talked to owner Gabriela Hennig to learn more about the store.

What is the basic concept of your shop – what do you want to represent?

Our zierpalast a concept store: Individual, owner-managed, since 2007 with the customer’s wishes always evolving and constantly changing.
I myself grew up in the retail business and when I go shopping at fairs, I often have certain of my customers in front of the eye and can imagine which of the global trends could inspire them. The knowledge of the clientele and the personal advice perfectly reflect the slogan of the zierpalast: “beautiful with charm”.

How do you think you fit to Pickmotion and how did you find us?

We fit to Pickmotion and vice versa, because we also have an eye for the beauty and the courage for something new. As colorful as the motives of Pickmotion, our store is full of colorful classy and stylish beauties. Especially the magnets fascinated me directly at the Paperworld trade show and the purchase decision was made in just a few minutes. I especially like the feel and the round shape, this reminds me of stones from the beach. In addition, of course, come the beautiful colors of the photos, but also the interesting combination of patterns, sayings and city motifs has a varied charm. These are nice little souvenirs and messages, just right for my business, where the regular audience always needs new inspiration.

What is special about your shop? How do you combine art and culture?

A stylish, diverse assortment of interior, home accessories, blankets and pillows. Everything about healthy cooking, baking, and the lovingly set table. Italian natural cosmetics and fragrances for him and her and biological room scents from the Provence, handbags, scarves, jewelry, stationery, gifts and much more can be discovered at the Zierpalast.
Simply many things that make everyday life more beautiful, always provide new inspiration and can be given away nicely packed to your dearest people. But not only beautiful but also sustainable and fair produced are many of the brands in the Zierpalast, which is also barrier-free. We bring art and culture united in the products of our assortment to our customers.

What do you like the most about Pickmotion?

I especially like the fact that the team at Pickmotion is very likeable right from the start. I noticed this directly at the trade fair during the first contact. Sympathy, a new and attractive product and an uncomplicated cooperation make you special for me.

So next time you are in Wiesbaden, just have a look around the zierpalast. It’s definitely worth it! And then you can stroll comfortably through the castle park or along the Rhine afterwards.

Armenruhstraße 22
65023 Wiesbaden
Opening Hours:
Di – Fr 10:00 -13:30 and 15:00 – 18:30
Sa 10:00 – 14:00