Most stores have finally returned back to normal operations even though shopping is now a little different than before, but an #awesomeshop like Schmidt’s Papeterie cannot be thrown off the rails by that. This stationery store with tradition for a quarter of a century, supplemented with the modern advantages of a concept store, has made and still makes the hearts of all visitors beat faster.

Where exactly is your shop located? What does it look like?

The shop is located in the beautiful Frankfurt am Main district of Sachsenhausen. And actually right in the centre of it. Located on Schweizer Straße between the two oldest and most famous apple wine taverns “Wagner” and “Zum gemalten Haus”. If you take it precisely, actually in the “Zum gemalten Haus”(=at the painted house). Products from 148 suppliers arranged in just 48sqm. Eye powder for those who come in for the first time, a discovery mecca for those who have a little more time to spare. Don’t worry, everything is nicely sorted by topic or colour, always tidy and structured! Some say it smells wonderful of paper, others feel “snug” and say it is “cosy”.

What’s the basic concept of the shop?

From the very beginning (October 31, 1995), the stationery forms the basis of the business. Home accessories such as dishes, vases, textiles, small furniture, lights, etc. loosen up the atmosphere and bring variety to the program. Basically you will find cards, wrapping paper, photo albums, guest books, calendars, notebooks, writing utensils, stickers, masking tapes and so much more.

What’s special about your shop? How do you use the advantage of being a steady retailer? How do you differentiate yourself from other shops and/or webshops?

The special thing about our shop is the love for the little things! (The smallest item is a stick-on ladybug made of wood – 10 cents! Or the beautiful tear-off vouchers from Corpus Delicti for 20 cents!) Upon customer request, we even open the packaging and sell everything individually! For 60 cents you can get postcards which are standing outside. And so the inhibition threshold to enter the store is very low. 80 euros later: “I actually just wanted to buy a postcard.” This happens almost every day and is probably explained by the huge range of products, which are simply beautifully presented. If the right photo album is not there, take a vase, a cuddly toy or a pillow with you. Everything is beautiful. And maybe that’s because of the curator, namely me, because I am choosing by my aesthetics as a graphic designer. I don’t take it into my assortment because it sells well, but because I love it and would like it myself. I choose every single article with my own requirements on its design. That may make the difference to other stores. We also meet almost every customer request. Every article that is not there is ordered individually! This is how we strengthen the bond with our customers. Every 3 to 4 weeks new wishes are awakened with a new, fresh window decoration. We are always in a good mood and many customers come or stay for a chat. No webshop in the world can match this! Nor compete with the feel-good atmosphere and the variety of tangible products, which give a lot of inspiration.

How did you become aware of PICKMOTION? What do you like most about PICKMOTION and which products are your favourites?

We became aware of PICKMOTION at a trade fair. Love at first sight – no doubt!!! New format, new very happy motifs! Because cards are our greatest strength, PICKMOTION is a must for us. I think the cards are very nice because they look less constructed and artificially made. Both post and folding cards are just great. I also like the magnets quite well, but I find it difficult to accommodate another display due to space constraints.

Have you had enough of the online shopping of the past few months? Would you like to discover again a little shopping paradise and let yourself be inspired by a well-selected product variety in a small but cosy space to get inspired for your own creativity at home? Then you should definitely stop by at this #awesomeshop.

Schmidt’s Papeterie
Schweizer Straße 67
60594 Frankfurt am Main