It’s time again to present you an #awesomeshop. This time we have a little treat for all lovers of the colour pink. But even those of you whose favourite colour is not necessarily pink, should not miss this store.

The Rosabunte Lädchen shop has been running for almost exactly 4 years in Wissingen, a district of the community Bissendorf, 15km east of Osnabrück. Recently, this year in August, a second store in Schledehausen was added – the store is therefore expanding in the region. With such success, we, of course, want to introduce you to the Rosabunte Lädchen shop a little closer.

What is the basic concept of your shop?

We are a concept store and want to stand out from the crowd. We always strive for our customers to offer products of high-quality and sustainable brands, which we select individually and with the utmost care. And as the name already suggests, of course, a little pink is everywhere, which is softly embedded into the overall appearance of the store.

How did you become aware of Pickmotion? How does your shop fit with Pickmotion and its products?

We discovered Pickmotion at a trade fair in search of something colourful, fresh and varied. Since the creative cards jumped directly into our sight and after a short conversation, we just had to get them to our store. The Rosabunte Lädchen store and Pickmotion are the perfect match already for the colour alone, but we also have in common the vision of making people happy with high-quality and creative products. And our customers love it too because with every purchase at least one magnet or a card is taken.

What is special about your shop?

We see ourselves not only as a retail store, but also as a place for community gathering – here, our focus is on open and closed “girls evenings”, but also other events, such as the annual Apple Festival in October or tastings of our products.

What do you like most about Pickmotion?

Just everything! The great products, especially the magnets. But also communication with the team is always a pleasure. Fast, uncomplicated and always friendly!

Rosabuntes Lädchen Wissingen
Wissinger Heide 3B
49143 Bissendorf

Rosabuntes Lädchen Schledehausen
Große Straße 18
49143 Bissendorf