Spotted! With Karusa we found our next #awesomeshop, which we just couldn’t keep from you! Karusa offers unique products produced in the region of Munich and a great variety of other amazing and special products. With its colourful and comfy interior, the shop really invites you to stay and browse through their offerings. Monika Holzhauser, owner of Karusa, told us a bit about her shop.

Karusa is located in the district Untergiesing in Munich. A district, which is in fact a lot older than Munich itself. Being a former working class neighborhood, Untergiesing is currently developing in a very popular and well-liked district and the clocks really seem to run more slowly than at the other side of the river Isar. Our store is very colourful, bright and cheerful. The interior is cobbled together colorfully and some furniture is already quite old, which creates a comfortable and homely atmosphere.

How would you describe the basic concept of Karusa?

We call it the “place to find and buy hand-crafted, regional and special products”. Nearly 70% of our assortment consists of handmade products from people and brands of the surroundings of Munich. We sell these beautiful and unique objects on behalf of all these creative and gifted people producing them. Apart from that we also have many products from smaller or,  not so small anymore now, brands and labels from Munich. To name some, we offer ginger-syrup by Inge or coffee by Fausto, both of them located in our direct neighborhood. Another example would be Gin from Munich by Duke, beer by Hopfmeister, … Then there’s also our section “special products”, which actually is our smallest section. There we present products which we just love and couldn’t keep from our customers, even if they are not handmade or regional – for example the beautiful hamam blankets by Le Stoff (Austria).

What is special about your shop?
What’s special is the concept of Karusa and that we offer a variety of handmade and unique products. In our shop it’s very colorful and the interior consists partly of really old pieces of furniture – it all seems a bit retro. This atmosphere is highlighted and underlined by our typical, lively “Karusa-music” out of the 50s and 60s. The cozy interior and all the lovely hand-crafted products which can be admired let you forget the world outside the windows and invite you to just stay a while, browse through or products and be inspired. Of course, we also offer a seating area, as a lot of customers really spend a long time in our shop.

How does Karusa fit to Pickmotion, and how did you get to know us? 
Pickmotion comes in to action, when we talk about our “special products”. Even though the postcards aren’t handcrafted or regional, they are just too special not to offer them to our customers. Apart from that, we really liked the thought that they in fact are kind of handmade, as they are produced with photos of Instagram-photographers, so just ‘normal people’. Great idea and matching with Karusa.

We discovered the Pickmotion-cards first at a store at Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin and loved them immediately. At the trade show “Trendset” in Munich we visited the Pickmotion stand and since then it’s not possible to imagine Karusa without the Pickmotion postcards. Our customers love them just as much as we do!

What do you like most about Pickmotion? 

We really like that the designs of the postcards are by Instagram photographers. Apart from that we love that there is a suitable postcard for every occasion. Because the designs are so beautiful you cannot only use them as postcards, but also as (mural) decoration. We also love that they come with a envelope with a heart on it.

If you are living in Munich or are visiting the city we really recommend to stop by Karusa. It’s worth spending some time there and getting to know Munich better by scrolling through all the beautiful and unique products of the region 🙂


Humboldtstraße 6
81543 Munich
Opening hours:
Mo. – Fr.: 10:00 – 19:00
Sa.: 10:00 – 16:00