We just came back from the Nordstil trade fair where we also have met the manager of one of our retailers. Since we are very enthusiastic about the shop, we, of course, do not want to withhold this place full of happy moments in northern Bremen.

Where exactly is your shop located? What does it look like?

Our shop Glücksmoment is located in the beautiful Hanseatic city of Bremen.
Rurally located near the Wümme river, in the central heart of the Borgfeld, we heartily invite friends of the beautiful things and bon vivants on a journey of discovery. Since our reopening in March 2019, in addition to the diverse range of teas, there are selected oils and vinegars, dips and (grill) sauces as well as liqueurs and spirits (rum, whiskey, gin, schnapps) available. Lovingly selected gift and decoration items to give away and for treating yourself adorn our stylishly decorated shop.

What’s the basic concept of the shop?

We want to delight our customers with specially selected products, give them pleasure and put a smile on their face. We offer a completely satisfying shopping experience. Having young and fresh companies and small factories in our assortment, we found real treasures that we like to share. This enables us to have special articles that are not available everywhere.

What’s special about your shop?

Our shop is special because every customer can taste and try many goodies on the spot. Daily fresh-made dips are provided for tasting and every day another tea is cooked, which you can enjoy while shopping. Small temptations, such as cocoa confectionery might be given to try and one or the other has already enjoyed his own little gin tasting in a happy round. It is important to us that everyone feels welcome and comfortable. We are working with passion and you can feel it. The goods may be taken in hand and with the personal consultation on-site valuable moments are emerging. We attach great importance to stylish, environmentally friendly packaging and offer pretty, self-designed paper bags.

With a passionate feeling about our chosen products, the range is constantly evolving, so it’s always worth a visit.

How do you use the advantage of being a steady retailer? How do you differentiate yourself from other shops and/or webshops?

We do not just want to sell products with our store, but also build a personal relationship with our customers, so they are welcome to touch and try everything – after all, they should know what they are buying and feel comfortable with it. A webshop can not offer such a customer-oriented personal consultation or the possibility of directly trying it out.

In your opinion, how does your shop fit with Pickmotion and the Pickmotion products? How did you become aware of Pickmotion?

Pickmotion is just perfect for us. The Polaroid-like cards are very individual and let emotions speak for themselves. Whether as the icing on the cake for a present on any occasion or simply for yourself – each card gives us a wonderful moment. We got to know Pickmotion in January at the Nordstil in Hamburg in search of unique products, which was a great moment for us.

What do you like most about Pickmotion? Which products are your favourites?

We like best that the pictures are individual, authentic and genuine, just like us! With Pickmotion we share moments with our customers. There is a lot of laughter and we tell each other anecdotes and stories, which are reminded to us by the cards. That’s great – thanks for that!

Do you want to have a special shopping experience in a relaxed atmosphere, drink tea while strolling around and try out the products? Well then off to Bremen-Borgfeld and give yourself your very own moment of happiness.

Borgfelder Heerstraße 42b
28357 Bremen