An #awesomeshop is not always just to be found in the city or a trendy district – in the countryside, cool things can be discovered, too, in a very outstanding atmosphere. Don’t miss this treasure and shopping experience.

Where exactly is your shop located? What does it look like?

Our shop is located in a rural area, in a small cottage built approximately in 1750, which belongs to our farm. This cottage was unused through the winter 2014/2015, so we decided without further ado to open a small farm shop there. The idea behind it was to bring the village together again, with events, treats, beautiful things to give away or just to keep for yourself.

How it looks like at our shop? “Simply beautiful,” our customers say again and again with a satisfied smile on their faces.

What’s the basic concept of the shop?

Our basic concept is to be a farm shop, but to be different…

It’s different because you can not find mettwurst, ham or fresh eggs in our farm shop. Rather, we offer true specialties that you just can not buy in every supermarket, e.g. products by Nicolas Vahe, Bremer Gewürzhandel, J.W.C. Michelsen, tea from Jeves + Jericho, wine from Württemberg or products from Wilk Gourmetgroup. And, exclusively for us, from a nearby coffee roastery: the Stadtkaffee Bünde – simply delicious, organic, Fairtrade and handpicked coffee.

In addition, as a registered IB Laursen dealer, we sell all the products of this company, which is what makes especially our female customers very happy.

Our motto is: with all senses!
That means: no ordering online, not liking the colour and sending it back; but instead: to touch, look, feel, taste, smell, generally having a good feeling about something and then buying it.

What’s special about your shop?

The special thing about our shop is clearly the location! A 250-year-old half-timbered house, which belongs to our farm and formerly served as the so-called Heuerlingshaus. All this gives the impression that you are shopping in an inhabited house.




How do you use the advantage of being a steady retailer? How do you differentiate yourself from other shops and/or webshops?

The biggest advantage that we use is that the goods are “put through their paces” from us, they are tested and approved and only then bought. That’s different from the usual process nowadays: first ordering, noticing that the colour is not liked and then sending it back. But we would like to point out that we also build up a webshop, in which then the goods that we do not have in stock, can be ordered – for this we put out catalogues to rummage, so analogue old-fashioned paper.

We sell a shopping experience – we offer indoor and outdoor seating, a cup of coffee or tea, a cool drink, sitting and chatting together. On Saturdays, we always offer a small sample of our secco.

In your opinion, how does your shop fit with Pickmotion and the Pickmotion products? How did you become aware of Pickmotion?

Pickmotion and we just fit together well, because we always need your cards for the special gift or just the special greeting that our customers would like to send. And how we became aware of you? Over the internet, actually, just by chance.




What do you like most about Pickmotion? Which products are your favourites?

About Pickmotion we especially like the motifs of the cards and magnets! They are really something special! The support is great and thanks to the displays, the presentation is simple and professional. We like the Folded Cards the best, with the unusual designs and the M Magnets with the awesome sayings. Then again, we really like everything that is offered!

Now, plan your trip to this wonderful farm shop and enjoy the special shopping experience it hast to offer in a historic-rural “at home” atmosphere.

Habighorster Weg 357
32257 Bünde