Over 1000 shops in Europe sell Pickmotion. In our #awesomeshop we tell you more about some of them and their owners.

Today it’s House of Colour from the Netherlands. Willemijn told me about the concept, the location and the history of the store and of course what they love about Pickmotion.

Your store’s concept …

… is simple. Become a place where people walk in for some inspiration for their home, where they can buy something beautiful for themselves or a present for a friend. I would like to become that store that people visit, walk outside and think ‘I want to buy everything’! If they think that…, they will be back for different occassions and it makes me smile from ear to ear. Because I take that as a compliment.


Where is the shop located?

House of Colour is located in the city centre of Leeuwarden in a very old characteristic building. It’s build in 1870 and had en beautiful rococo bell-shaped gable. It’s red and famous as the ‘Planteur’. They gave the building this name because it was a tobaccoshop for years and the last leaf that is wrapped around a cigar is called ‘Planteur’.

We have a little canal in front of the shop where we have canal and SUP (stand-up paddling) tours in summer. They always tell something about the building ‘on the right side you can see the Planteur’, so a lot of tourists visit the store afterwards. I feel very honored to be located in this historic building.

What is the store’s history, who founded it?

Bettina Hoekstra (founder of House of Colour) started a webshop four years ago. With her feeling for colour and styling she created a name. Things went well and whithin half a year she opened a store in the city centre and House of Colour was a fact.

Willemijn took over the store three months ago, while Bettina is focussing on her familiy right now. ‘Things are changing in the store. While the focus was on colour and living accessories like plaids, cushions, candleholders, you can now shop for more do-it-yourself things, plants and nice small gifts.


What do you like about Pickmotion?

One of the first things that took my attention while I was running the store, was how many people were buying postcards. I introduced Pickmotion because we have a lot of black and white postcards.

Pickmotion has a different size ‘poloroid look’ and for every occassion an appropriate card. They are unique because they combine the right photos with the right words.  The cards can be send but can also be used to decorate your wall or window. They can make people THINK, give COMFORT, LOVE and most of all SMILE! And hé you support the beautifull pictures that are posted on Instagram.