Here grow some of the best grapevines in Germany, the wine queen is chosen here every year and a beautiful, historic old town with castles and palaces that surround the city, which were once the scene of the beginnings of the democratic movement in the 19th century. But here in Neustadt an der Weinstrasse there is also something different, very extraordinary – a little #awesomeshop of a special kind – the buschwerk.

Where exactly is your shop located? What does it look like?

The “buschwerk – raum für ideen” is located in the centre of Neustadt on the historic market square, among beautifully renovated half-timbered houses, with good gastronomy in the neighbourhood of this small side street away from the main pedestrian zone. It is small but fine, because on approx. 30 square meters there is a selected mix of many products apart from the mainstream. The centrepiece is the stationery with papers from England, Italy and Nepal – which is complemented by a huge selection of folding cards and postcards, which is my great passion. It becomes a concept store thanks to a carefully selected range of jewellery, textiles, books, home interiors and other stationery products.

What’s the basic concept of the shop?

My creed is to find things that arouse curiosity and inspiration, things which you don’t find everywhere; maybe you have seen it in some special magazines and then suddenly discovered it in the buschwerk. Things that, first of all, have to be liked by myself because only what inspires me can enable me to inspire my customers. Many of my products are produced sustainably and fairly, almost all of them come from Germany or other European countries. Within the scope of my spatial capacities, it is also important to me to always offer local small artists a platform where they can exhibit their products, so some of my articles are the result of collaborations and special designs exclusively created for buschwerk. This makes me stand out and is a lot of fun for myself, too.

In your opinion, how does your shop fit with PICKMOTION and the PICKMOTION products? How did you become aware of PICKMOTION?

PICKMOTION fits to us because the card motifs (be it photo or text) are always exceptional and wonderfully match the spirit of the times. There are one or more suitable motifs for every occasion, many with a hint of humour and never clumsy. That is exactly what I want for the rest of my products and shop atmosphere, too. I personally liked and sent PICKMOTION cards long before I opened the buschwerk. It was therefore clear that PICKMOTION would be an integral part of my assortment.

What’s special about your shop? How do you use the advantage of being a steady retailer? How do you differentiate yourself from other shops and/or webshops?

The stationary retail store in the form in which I run the buschwerk is, in my opinion, unrivalled to any online shop. My customers discover items in the buschwerk that they didn’t even know they wanted. Emotionality plays a major role, combined with expert advice, in-depth stories about the manufacturer, little anecdotes when choosing products at trade fairs, and just simply a nice chat.
Social media certainly plays an additional, albeit increasing, role as an advertising and marketing platform. There is a clearly increasing number of interested people, both young and old, which makes me very happy because I can always keep my customers up to date with news about my shop.

The buschwerk sees itself as a “space for ideas”. Creativity is very important to us, there is no “that does not work”. We always have suggestions for solutions and lateral thinking is a passion of us. Fortunately, my dear customers really appreciate that.

What do you like most about PICKMOTION? Which products are your favourites?

I love all of PICKMOTION’s cards because they are always on point, cheerful, put you in a good mood and are just right for every occasion.

If you are travelling along the Weinstraße (wine route), you are planning to do so or yet didn’t even know that it existed at all, take the opportunity to drop by in Neustadt and pay a visit to the buschwerk. You will surely find one or the other very special gift or souvenir from one of the most beautiful regions in the country. A bottle of good wine and a nice souvenir for loved ones is a wonderful idea.

buschwerk – raum für ideen
Marktplatz 7a
67433 Neustadt a.d. Weinstraße