Today we’re presenting you an #awesomeshop of superlatives from southern central Germany. On 1000m² you will find extraordinary highlights from the areas of home decor, eating and gift-giving, which you can even enjoy in a cosy atmosphere directly on the spot.

Where exactly is your shop located?

BREUNINGER Lieblingsdinge is located on the main street of Künzelsau and since the rebuilding and reopening in the spring of 2018, it has very much enriched the shopping city. From a pure bookstore, a stationery store and a home accessory store, we have merged into one big shop full of delights. Everything has been redone with an extensive renovation. For this, three old buildings were demolished and another extension built. All rooms have been completely redesigned, the range has been expanded and beautiful and special products have been chosen with great attention to detail. On more than 1,000 square meters with detailed and tasteful design, you can discover selected highlights for your home.

What is the basic concept of your store?

In the field of home interior and decoration, BREUNINGER Lieblingsdinge is the address for customers who value appealing looks, exceptional design, and aesthetic beauty. Likewise, our thoughtful and harmonious overall concept is also evident in the gift shop area. With us, you won’t be shopping mass production gifts off the shelf, but always individual ideas. For this, our team is always happy to advise and to spend time together with the customer to put together very personal gifts. Tailor-made and special solutions are also offered for companies. We make all customers happy with great products from the categories: greetings, writing, reading, living and enjoying.

What is special about you?

Aligning with the new concept, we have combined all our passions in our bistro: living, cooking, eating and enjoying. With a lot of heart and soul, we mix the topic ‘kitchen’ with our profession ‘living and interior’. We are not chef cooks but have a passion for food and are happy to host. And as it is with most things in life, “do it with passion and you will succeed.” That’s why we have the courage to do so and would like to invite you to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere – as well as the delicious little things we offer. Here you can find and experience products and suggestions for truly beautiful moments – for example, how to spend a nice evening in a cosy Lounge Chair with the new favourite novel and a tasty wine from a handmade glass.

How do you fit to Pickmotion and what do you like about Pickmotion?

We fit to Pickmotion because we have the same concept as Pickmotion’s designs … We like the real, the beautiful and the extraordinary.
There is a story behind each of all the items that we select with love and sell in the store, just like behind every single motif of the beautiful Pickmotion products. And that’s exactly what we like about Pickmotion so much, that behind every motif there is a small, unique, special story – that makes it tangible and real! And many little pictures and related stories will together create something big and wonderful!

So, if you are looking for that special something and would like to feel and enjoy it on the spot, then this #awesomeshop is just right for you. Stop by, find beautiful treasures and enjoy passionately prepared food in a stylish atmosphere.

BREUNINGER Lieblingsdinge
Hauptstraße 34
74653 Künzelsau