Our cards are available everywhere in Europe, and in our segment #awesomeshop we show you the most unique and most beautiful shops and their owners. Today, we have something very special from Portugal: The tea house Rota do Chá! My interview partner, Miguel, has fulfilled his dream in 2002 when he established his wonderful paradise of relaxation in Porto with a noticeable oriental influence in the design. In our little talk, he tells me what he likes best about his job and why of all things our cards fit in a tea house.

The tea house consists of a tea shop and an area for relaxing and restoring energy, and it is also possible to rent whole rooms in the house. Miguel summarizes that this is a place to relax and to enjoy one of the 300 different teas, that you can try, as well as buy.

What’s special about the tea house? „It’s the atmosphere.“ Said atmosphere is created by the different styles and the design that is further inspired by the different countries where the tea is produced. The visitors of Rota do Chá can feel it, too: Miguel says that the best thing about working in his establishment is „to feel the satisfaction of [his] clients.“

Now how does Pickmotion fit the concept of a tea house? Miguel answers straightforward: „It’s the message. A simple photo can tell more than 100 words.“ And like everything in the Rota do Chá, our cards help to make the visitors feel comfortable and, according to Miguel, convey „peace and quiet.“