Our cards are available everywhere in Europe and in the segment #awesomeshop we show you the most beautiful and most unique stores and their owners. Optiks is one of those unique shops and we can hardly get enough of its beautiful glasses, clothes and of course, our cards! Katharina, the owner of Optiks has found the time (despite the recent renovation of her shop), to tell us more about her store and of course, what has sparked her interest in Pickmotion in the first place!

„We want to see and discover the world with all its little details and fascinating quirks. Our philosophy is to highlight uniqueness and we want to do so with our glasses, jewelry, and fashion,“ Katharina answers to the question about the concept of her store. „We value individuality very much.“ This individuality is noticeable in the lovingly handpicked clothes, glasses and the stylish interior design.

Optiks is located at the foot of the castle in the center of the little town Alzenau. „From my store you have a wonderful view on nature (the Spessart with its beautiful vineyards),“ Katharina continues and adds, that despite the surrounding nature, you’re still in the center of the town.

What Katharina likes best about Pickmotion? „The lovingly handpicked motives and the beautiful format.“ She first encountered Pickmotion after she found our cards in another shop. She instantly took a liking to them since she loves writing greeting cards. „Your cards seem to invite people to finally just write a few words to your loved ones again.“