In our segment #awesomeshop, we show you the most beautiful and most unique shops and their owners that sell our postcards. One of those unique stores is Muster: The scandinavian inspired shop in Tallinn, Estonia with its pastel, romantic look invites you to dream and explore! Katariina Kalda, who is not only responsible for PR but also the interior design, tells me what makes Muster special and what she likes best about our cards.

“Our concept is to represent ourselves as a Lifestyle shop,” Katariina says. “Our muse is a lady in her best age.” Humorously, she adds: “The best age can be the lifetime.” To make the best out of one’s life, it is important, to enjoy the little things: “This includes drinking morning coffee and feeling the first sunshine on your cheeks.” That Muster appreciates the little things also shows in their interior design: There are many small little objects that are provided with lots of love: Besides textiles, you can find furniture, products for the bathroom and the dining area, and everything is kept in pastel, soft colors.

After entering the shop, you will feel as though time stands still: Besides modern, scandinavian simplicity you can find many items that seem to have their origins in a long forgotten past: Golden, baroque mirrors and romantic lampshades join simple, minimalistic vases and picture frames. “We want to show that you should treat yourself, your home, and your loved ones as precious treasures of your world,” says Katariina.

Now what makes Muster special? Katariina feels certain: “Our team is special. We love living the same way as we represent Muster to the world. We believe in this.” To enjoy the little things is not only the motto of Muster, but has also brought Katariina’s attention to Pickmotion: “Writing good words to your friends and family means living in the moment.” How the postcards of Pickmotion differ from other cards, Katariina explains as follows: “There is heart in it. You just feel it!”