You can find Pickmotion everywhere in Europe- and that’s why we show you a wonderful little shop in France in the segment #awesomeshop today, where we feature the most beautiful and most unique shops and their owners. Today, we showcase a charming shop called Le Vélo de Léon, that invites us to get lost in the dreamlike city of Antibes, France. Luisa, who runs the place with her husband Jacques, has told me in our short interview about what makes her store special and of course, what she likes best about our cards!

„We sell selected brands of stationery and objects made of paper such as our beautiful linen lamps,‘“ Luisa says, a native Italian. „We love paper and we own a printing house.“ Luisa‘s wish is to create a line of products to sell but also one, that clients can costumize individually.

Le Vélo de Léon is located in the old center of Antibes, a small charming city in France. The store is directly placed in the narrow, tourist pedestrian street of the 26 Rue James Close.

Luisa loves Pickmotion because she finds our cards „absolutely original, special and new.“ That’s why she was immediately drawn to our beautiful postcards that that she first saw at a stationery show. She knew instantly, that they would fit her dreamy, gentle little shop and we couldn’t agree more!