In our segment #awesomeshop we show you the most beautiful and most unique shops in Europe that sell our postcards. Today we show you another awesome store in Germany: Cedon, a shop located in three different locations; in the Munich airport and in the Hanseviertel in Hamburg, where you can buy various colorful products in a modern, bright environment- gift articles, books, accessoires- in Cedon you will find everything you searched for and more! In our little talk, Margit, who is responsible for Cedon’s communication, tells me about the concept of her store and how Pickmotion fits to her motto.

„We have a wide-ranged assortment of goods,“ Margit says. „We offer an exciting, handpicked selection of high-quality gift articles, books, accessoires, and Lifestyle products.“ The diverse colorful products are accentuated by the white, bright, and open-spaced background, that really brings them into focus.

Cedon‘s motto is „DESIGN BOOKS LIFE STYLE HOME INSPIRATION.“ Margit also refers to executive director Hella Fietz who summarizes the concept as follows: „We are actually a concept store without food articles.“

Their concept is well complemented by Pickmotion, according to Margit: „The cards fit perfectly to our store and our motto DESIGN BOOKS LIFE STYLE HOME INSPIRATION. The sales numbers reflect that, too.“ What Margit likes best about Pickmotion however, she summarizes quite simply: „The LOOK.“