Today we are glad to introduce you to another #awesomeshop from Berlin, who offered us a wonderful Giveaway for our Advent Calendar – a delicate necklace with a golden leaf decoration.

People who walk past Gitte Nicolaus’ store are immediately drawn to the shopwindow and tend to stay there for a while. In her shop PICTOFACTUM, she offers her hand-crafted jewelery, which consists of a mixture of optical illusion, simplicity and beauty.

In addition to her jewelry, the concept store also features cards and accessories with a focus on designers from Berlin. She wants to show the many great labels that Berlin has to offer – one of them is Pickmotion.

As PICTOFACTUM and Pickmotion sound a bit alike, we found it particularly interesting to discover what is the story behind this name. Gitte explained that she once told her friends about her handmade jewelry when she was looking for a suitable name. “After a few glasses of wine and word games we thought about the name PICTOFACTUM. It’s a mixture of the word forms Picto, to decorate in Latin, but also derived from “picture” and Factum which means event, action or deed.”

The jewelry should be simple, but at the same time extraordinary. Modern, geometric design and delicate craftsmanship meet here and special attention is also paid to the value, sustainability, fairness and local production.

Visiting Gitte’s shop is an amazing opportunity to have a conversation with her. She is the designer of her products and her small workshop is in the store, so you can watch how the jewelry is created and you can also implement your special wishes easily and on the spot.

Not just the sound of the name is what connects PICTOFACTUM and Pickmotion, but The simple and clean design. Gitte became aware of Pickmotion through a friendly shop owner and a friend from the neighborhood and she thinks that the customers find its motifs visually appealing. “I think it’s great that the head office is in Berlin. About the cards I appreciate mostly the quality of the motifs, the prints and the paper. The envelopes are great too. I feel good when my customers buy them. ”
We are more than honored to receive so much praise.

Photos by Paul Aidan Perry


Wühlischstraße 12
10245 Berlin – Friedrichshain
Near Ostkreuz

Opening hours: 

Tuesday, Thursday 14-18:30 Uhr
Wednesday, Friday 15-19 Uhr
Saturday 12-18 Uhr