Romance, gondolas, breathtaking historical architecture, carnival and, of course, plenty of canals – this is Venice, once a republic and sea and economic power, now part of Italy. Back then, as well as nowadays, a wondrous and fascinating place, with many interesting treasures to discover.

Although Venice may well be one of the most visited day trip destinations in the world, let’s not miss the chance to show you a Venice off the typical and crowded, tourist attractions. Enjoy our #awalkthrough Venice, the city, where there is more water as there is land.

The cover photo by @nois7 takes us straight to another dreamy world – the magical world of Venice

When you arrive in Venice, you immediately sense that life here is a little different than on land – especially the means of transport. Cars, buses or trains are searched here in vain. Life takes place on the water, so you can only get by boat or the famous gondolas from A to B. @edouard.gomes gives us an overview first.

@lorenzoalbanese_photography wonderfully has captured such a ride on the Gondola. A water taxi from another time.

Those who go to the pier early in the morning like @yuliatverdova_life can watch the gondoliers prepare for their day and, with a bit of luck, even get a cheaper price for the gondola ride during a nice chat.

Once you have opted for a gondola ride, you should definitely continue your conversation with the gondolier and ask about special, local treasures. Show some interest in the real Venice and the everyday life of the local residents and your gondolier will bring you to true gems away from the tourist crowded canals. @lostmyheartinvenice is a real connoisseur of such insider tips – quiet corners in which you can fully enjoy Venice and exceptional bookstores, where even copies from ancient times can be found.

Architecturally, Venice has so much to offer, because the city has developed its own architectural style in each epoch.

If you’re in town at the right time, you can also be enchanted by the mystic carnival creatures of Venice. @gianluigi_rozzoni has captured such a wondrous creature here.

So the next time you’re in Venice, get away from the tourist crowds and discover the beauty of the quiet and hidden corners of the city. A nice conversation with a Gondolier, insider tips from bookstore owners or to go on your own on a discovery tour and you will experience something very special.

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