Today, we have a small sneak peak for our next #pckwalk – and thus a #awalkthrough Cologne! Never been to the beautiful city next to the river Rhine? No problem, we’ve gathered five of the city’s best photo spots together with some visual inspiration for you – starting with our cover image from @ag_photography_dus.

Of course, the classic tourist trip to the fish market is a must-do. The colourful gabled houses of the old town are one of their most beautiful photo opportunities, not least because of their great recognition value. While in the past it used to be fish that was sold here (surprise, surprise), today you will find mainly beer gardens and cafés.

If you are looking for even more color to get in front of your lens, you should definitely plan a trip to Ehrenfeld – here, in addition to various cool bars and pubs, there is also plenty of street art. Ehrenfeld is home to many artists and designers – which is why the former workers and industrial suburb is now called “Creative Zone” or “Designquartier”.

The Rheinauhafen is a great location for long walks – best equipped with your favourite camera. The modern, metropolitan architecture, especially the three Kranhäuser, but also the Cape on the South Quay or the skatepark at the south end are ideal for your own photographic experiments.

Of course, a visit to the Hohenzollern Bridge should not be missed, which is also ideal as a location to take pictures of the Cologne Cathedral – especially at sunset. But the city certainly has other photographically interesting bridges to offer – for example, the bridge to the Herkulesberg!

For those artsy ones among you, the Museum Kolumba is a good place to check out. In the building designed by the Swiss architect Peter Zumthor, photography is allowed and wonderful light plays and compositions can be found.

For more from Cologne, look forward to our news on the next #pckwalk!