My favourite tradeshow is Maison & Objet in Paris let me tell you why.

1. inspiring street style

Maison & Objet means commuting a whole lot – each day I have an hour forth and an hour back the opportunity to study the excentric fashion choices of the Parisians – OUI!

Ohh, and there is an account that is exclusively interested in trash…

2. Flower Power

The tradeshow itself is massive, that’s why I never manage to get a real overview. But my eye was catched by the tropical gardens of @polspotten.

The London-based Marcin Rusak was awarded as a ‘rising talent’ – he found a method to keep flowers for eternity in his Bauhaus light objects.

3 Beauty everywhere

Instead of the Louvre I love the small artist museums in Paris, like Musée Rodin or Musée Picasso. The later hosts a Giacometti-Picasso exhibition at the moment. Both artists grew up in their fathers studio and where already exceptionally gifted artists by the age of 15.

I always have to pay visits in the Paris parks. This time I discovered a new one: Parc des Buttes Chaumont – you can’t imagine a more romantic scenery! The small pavilion with a view to Sacre Coeur can be reached over a swing bridge.

4 Our amazing neighbours in the BELOVED section

At our neighbouring stands I discovered a few things I would like to share.

Fisura not only does wonderful light boxes – no, cactus and ananas candles (don’t you dare to light them) are in their range as well.

Ein von Fisura (@fisuratm) gepostetes Foto am

Ein von Fisura (@fisuratm) gepostetes Foto am

A small cardboard samurai ready as DIY kit for you – that’s my absolute favourite! Unfortunately the origami samurai is not on Instagram yet 🙁 The producers told me they need 20 mins to built one of them – with a challenging smile on their face.

Ein von Leslie (@lilimae15) gepostetes Foto am

The beautiful italian brand Write&Sketch has a distinctive style for all of you who love shapes and colours!

While the young brand sweet & sour from the Netherlands takes up everything we love anyway: rainbow colors for example.

5 Art Festivals

I came across a small market hall that seemed to be the opposite of the Maison & Objet mega tradeshow, a small art festival with amazing music. I believe in the Paris variety.

Artist: Cecilia Paredes

La Fin.