The start of the summer trade show marathon is just ahead of us and this weekend, it’s bringing us to Frankfurt for the Tendence trade show. Frankfurt, the Manhattan of Germany, also fondly called Mainhatten, is a cultural hotspot, a focal point of modern architecture and also the financial center of Europe. The city itself is not a megapolis and yet it belongs to the global players of urbanism. Would you like to visit the city? Get some inspiration from our #awalkthrough for your next trip to see more than just the skyline.

Frankfurt’s skyline can be seen from a long distance already, whether from the countryside or the air – it is the hallmark of the city and an eye-catcher par excellence as so far, it is the only onw of this kind in Germany. Above all, a glance over the rooftops of Frankfurt (as in the cover image by raquelvsa) shows the enormous contrast of modern skyscrapers amidst the older architecture of the city.

Frankfurt is filled with wonders of modern architecture, sometimes more, sometimes less conspicuous. An interesting eye-catcher is the shopping center MyZeil on the Zeil, one of the most famous and high-turnover shopping streets in Germany.

The city is located directly on the Main river and is separated by it, too – therefore there are quite a few bridges here. The best known is probably the Eiserner Steg, but even the lesser known ones are best suited to enjoy and capture wonderful views.

East of the city, on the eastern harbor, stands the ECB’s new building, surrounded by a recreational park and one of the city’s largest outdoor skate parks. This area is definitely worth a visit, as it houses artists, small galleries and wonderful opportunities to discover the pleasures of urban, sustainable cuisine.

In the opposite direction, there is another architectural landmark of the city, the Westhafen Tower. This, too, is a great spot to stroll around and enjoy some sunshine, either directly by the water or in one of the small cozy parks.

Just as imposing as the architecture above the surface is the world of the Frankfurt underground stations – often in a very futuristic style.


Frankfurt is a city from which many well-known personalities emerged, above all Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Poet, thinker and man of science. Hence, science plays an important role in the city that is home to one of the most prestigious universities of the country, on which campus you can also find the famous sculpture of the “Body of Knowledge”.

And of course, a few highlights of Frankfurt’s historic city architecture should not be missing, such as the Eschenheimer Turm, the Alte Oper and the Römerberg, the historic old town center with its Gothic, partly baroque buildings and half-timbered houses.

That was by far not everything the city has to offer, but it’s just an appetiser to make you really interested in the city and to get you planning your city trip to Frankfurt for this coming weekend. Why? Because we from Pickmotion are also there – on the one hand, you can find us at the Tendence fair and on the other hand, we organise an Insta-Walk on Saturday, 29.06., at 11 o’clock (more info about that can also be found on our Instagram feed).

So come over and spend a good time together with Pickmotion in Mainhatten!