We are almost in the middle of spring, the flowers sprout from the ground and everything in nature begins to bloom colourfully. Since this year it is, unfortunately, a bit difficult to experience this natural spectacle up close and to be able to watch it live, we want to bring you the splendour of the most beautiful spring bloomers directly to your screens.

cover photo: @chopsticksontheloose

Keukenhof (Tulip fields in The Netherlands)

Rich colours, exceptionally designed flower beds and more than seven million tulips and plants can be found in Keukenhof, the world’s tulip paradise. The brightly coloured flowers grow around trees, line immaculate, lush green lawns and cover the banks of the channels. And the typical Dutch tulip fields, in which endless rows of colourful flowers stretch to the horizon, are also right next door.

Fuji Shiba-Zakura (Japan)

A natural spectacle that could hardly be more impressive. Every year from mid-April to the end of May, the landscape at the foot of Mount Fuji shines its fuchsia pink carpet. More than 800,000 Shibazakura flowers from five different species bloom here. For us, they are known as phlox.

Yunnan (China)

In March, endless fields of rapeseed bloom in Luoping County in the Chinese province of Yunnan. This breathtaking event plunges the entire region into a yellow and gold carpet and offers a beautiful, incomparable sight.

Hallerbos (Belgium)

The blue forest. Not far from Brussels is the Hallerbos, a mixed forest that is one of the most beautiful forests in the world. In spring, a bright blue carpet made of bluebells lies across the forest floor. The trees stand close together in a sea of blossoms and with the right sunlight, you feel a magical, fairytale atmosphere. The hyacinths are in full bloom at the beginning of May and their huge, ground-covering structure is estimated to have formed around 400 years ago.

The Sea of Daisies (South Africa)

As spring bloomers in South Africa these daisies would actually be autumn bloomers for us, but since this sea of flowers appears in spring of the southern hemisphere and is incredibly beautiful, we don’t want to withhold it from you. An overwhelming sight in white, yellow and orange blooming daisies in the coastal region of Namaqualand in the North Cape Province. In addition, around 1,000 other plant species such as marigolds, lilies, and succulents can be discovered in the Skilpad wildflower reserve on 930 hectares.

Enjoy the sight of these spring-like natural wonders and then add a few new travel destinations to your vacation list for next year. And if you have some wonderful photos that match our hashtag #letshavespring, then tag them and brighten up our days in the current exceptional situation that most of us spend at home.