Hamburg – for us, the second most beautiful city in the world – is something very special. One of the largest ports in Europe, Hanseatic culture and history, a good dose of humor, North German serenity and now and then a bit of stormy weather. The city abounds with multicultural hotspots and special places such as the Reeperbahn or the Schanzenviertel. Art, music and creativity can be found at almost every corner, and the Alster lake is one of the most beautiful city lakes in the world. Right now we are here again because we exhibit at the Nordstil trade show. Come by, visit us at the booth and let yourself be inspired by our #awalkthrough for visiting some interesting places of the city.

The city’s newest and probably most breathtaking landmark, the Elbphilharmonie (also affectionately called “Elphi”) is truly a masterpiece of modern architecture, definitely worth a visit – either for one of the many concerts or just to admire its beauty – and depending on the perspective, it even reflects the cityscape of Hamburg in its facade, as you can see in the cover picture of @gregorklar.

If you want to start your day in a relaxed and special atmosphere, you should go for a walk in the early morning mist to the museum harbour Oevelgönne. Here you can comfortably examine the treasures of traditional and historic boats and enjoy a delicious Franzbrötchen or even already a fish sandwich for breakfast.

Or you go to the harbour to be fascinated by the hustle and bustle of this huge transhipment point.

Here you will find beautiful sailing ships that put you in another, bygone time of shipping.

But you can also stroll through the Tetris labyrinth of giant shipping containers and use the colorful backdrop as a motif for interesting pictures.

If you want to experience more of the typical Hamburg city culture at lunchtime, you can take some refreshment in a Hamburg pub or kiosk for more energy for the afternoon. Be it fish such as Eel or just a refreshing drink – in these places you will definitely find real “Hamburger Leud'”.


Passing by some of the many, unusual and special murals, you can, of course, also set out to devote yourself to some of the typical tourist attractions.

Here, you should not miss the Speicherstadt, the town hall and the Alster lake.



If you are in Hamburg on a Sunday, you must not miss the legendary and world-famous Hamburg fish market in Altona.

And at the end of the day you should then make a leisurely boat trip through the canals and inland waterways and afterwards go out to experience the nightlife in St. Pauli.


After such a tour through Hamburg, the city certainly grows especially dear to your heart and you do not want to leave so quickly. I can guarantee you that. If you are still looking for a cheap and special place to stay, just take a look at one of the Hamburg Superbuden – a place full of creativity and the coolest thing about them – you will even find our postcards there to send greetings to your loved ones from the (for us second) most beautiful city of the world. So, off to Hamburg, visit us at the Nordstil, stroll through the city and get excited for our next #awalkthrough.