Located not even far away, Prague is a real gem of Europe when it comes to narrow streets, dreamy glances onto the Moldau and tasty meals. The capital of the Czech Republic is quite attractive to tourists, but as a group of German Igers proved on their #klassenfahrtnachprag over the weekend there is still a lot of potential to catch the characteristic of the city photographically.

This picture of a typical narrow street in Prague is quite special.Can you see why? It is completely deserted! The question is, did Catherine Gericke have to get up extra early to get this photo?

Natanja why did you chose #schooltriptoprague? “It was a real sensation! We laughed a lot and the hashtag came from having so much fun. Because there where a lot of different Igers, I thought this suits us very well! Funnily enough @tonistadlr was also there and joined us with two of his friends. On Saturday some local Instagramer @matescho, @teturo_, @jonatanjan and @tomasscz did a little tour through Prague.” The long list of all involved Instagramers: @reikilein, @_marvn, @denhartenweg, @curly_isabella, @nma.g, @cat_gericke, @schenkka, @aw_ip, @tobias___k, @geheet, @jakubtolar, @neverforgetthosedays, @lobianphoenix, @djasonnam, @amsel.ine

The baroque is omnipresent in Prague! One of the most beautiful examples is the old library of the Jesuits in a big monastery complex in the old town.

The famous Old Town Square is where Jan Hus was burned and Kafka grew up. The picturesque ensemble consists of houses partly from the gothic period, the astronomical clock of the town hall and a lot of branched streets. You get the best view from the tower of the city hall!

Oh well, Prague was a part of the Habsburg empire luckily the old coffee culture of Vienna is brought to you in form of really cosy coffeehouses. For example Café Orient being one of the most beautiful ones these days. (having really nice staircases indeed).

Apart from the Old Town Square the second famous square of Prague is the Wenceslas Square. If you had enough of the Cristall shops, you have to go into one of the galleries. They are gorgeously designed and of modern sophistication.

On the Lesser Town side everyone has to climb on to the Hradčany Castle. From this little town the view to the golden towers of Prague is breathtaking.

For the transport the marvelously grating old Tatra trams are a good way to drive round the old town.

This is probably the new place to be for all Igers: a suspension bridge in the remote location Praha-Troja.

And finally – an ode to the bohemian beer. With it’s constant low beer prices, you get a large light beer for under one euro. Na zdraví!

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