Breathtaking architecture, serenity, beer gardens, Münch’ner humour and the Alps in the back – what could be better than to experience the special atmosphere of the most beautiful city in southern Germany? Truly not much, that’s why we’re so excited to have extended our Munich series for our new City & Regions collection. Put this beautiful city on top of your travel destination list, and let yourself be inspired by our #awalkthrough of the city.

Alone from the sight of the Frauenkirche and the view over the rooftops of the city, one can absolutely understand the love from the cover picture of @samooljubav, which the inhabitants of Munich feel for their city.

In summer it is wonderful to explore Munich by bike, but should it be as hot as the last few weeks, then it is absolutely worth to pay a visit to the Munich underground, the subway stations. On the one hand, you will find a welcome cooling breeze and on the other, interesting and colourful architecture.

Colorful hustle and bustle can be found everywhere in Munich. Not only underground, but also in the rest of the city, such as at a shopping center in the north of the city.

Colorful flowers are everywhere too in Munich because there are many wonderful gardens and parks in the city. But a visit to the Gärtnerplatz is always worthwhile, as you will find here some of the most beautiful floral arrangements of the city.

Art and architecture are available all over the city because aesthetics and cultural life play an important role here – and have been part of the city’s urban life for centuries.

A detour to the infinite staircase should not be missing during a visit to Munich, of course.

And you must also simply enjoy the pleasure of one of the most important consumer and cultural assets of Bavaria – either in one of the many taverns with a beer garden, or, if you like it very big, at the Wies’n at Oktoberfest.

Another special highlight, which should not be missed for getting an unbelievably breathtaking 360-degree view over the city, is the Hi-Sky Ferris wheel.

And if you like it dreamy and magical, you should treat yourself to a walk on the Marienklausensteg.

While strolling along the Fabrikbach stream you pass the beautiful St. Luke’s church. From here you move to the Hofgarten in order to relax at the end of the day or you go like many other young Munich people to Hackerbrücke to enjoy the sunset over the train tracks of Munich Central Station.

So do not miss to visit Munich, check out the Karusa, truly an #awesomeshop if you are looking for our products. Otherwise, stay tuned for our next #awalkthrough.