A little thank you



Surely you can name many reasons why you are grateful for the people around you: Because they are always there for you. Because they love you just the way you are. Because they are simply great in their own way. Usually, it’s a lot of small and perhaps even self-evident things that you appreciate in others, but never actually come to tell them. We want to change that with our #postcardsofthemonth and invite you to say “thank you” to your loved ones this month!


You don’t always need flowers to show your gratefulness to others. We think that personal words can say so much more than a bouquet of flowers! While our folded cards also feature beautiful flowers, they will never wither. Moreover, the beautiful motifs are framed in colorful passe-partouts, giving you some extra space for your heartfelt message. Each card comes with its own envelope so you can send your message of thanks to your friends and families right away!


Your words become even more personal when accompanied by some beautifully coloured illustratons! Get inspired by our motifs and fill the inside of your greeting cards with your own little drawings and show your close friends how much you love them! Delicate gold effects on our cards bestow them with an elegant glimmer and will also look beautiful as decoration on a table or a wall.


There is nothing sweeter than a little thank you note out of the blue! Our wonderful motifs were licensed from international Instagrammers and are refined with thoughtful words, so you can give your loved ones a card of a special kind. The colourful passe-partouts set the motifs perfectly in scene and when lifting the card out of the paper, a little heart message will be waiting to surprise you!


You can find these sets of cards and other products in our online store or individually at your local retailer! Do you want to sweeten the day of your loved ones with a small gift? In our section #giftingmakesushappy you will find many great DIY gift ideas and other inspirations!