You’re specialized on still lives, what do you like most about creating them?

I love the whole process and therefore I can commit. It is for example beginning with a visit at my favourite florist and continues with making the arrangement at home. I really like to take my time at that and try out many different things until I took the, for me, perfect picture.

When I’m photographing food, the fun already begins in my kitchen. However I could easily abandon on cleaning the mess after that kind of shooting.

We can see so many beautiful flowers in your pictures, do you have an own flower garden, where you pick them from?

I have a relatively large garden indeed, but only a small, manageable selection on flowers that are limited on hortensias, peonies and David Austin Roses (which are my very favourite roses). I just don’t have the time and the patience to make more out of my garden. Mostly I buy my flowers on the market or at a florist.


Food is besides from flowers your second passion. Do you have, like many other these days, a certain philosophy related to cooking, what are your headings?

I would say: Yes and No 🙂 Of course I try to eat healthy as good as possible and I am mostly cooking with fresh ingredients: But baking is also one of my passions and at this point, it can be more sinful. In pretty much every area of life a certain balance is very important for me. Also in my diet.

I think it is enviable how many Instagram Foodies e.g. only conjuring vegan treats or simply just cooking healthy every time. Unfortunately, I don’t have that kind of discipline. But I still like trying out some stuff.

It solely has to be vegetarian. For me it is less about recipes. I am making what tastes good for me and what’s looking  good and I love to put it in scene.


You are soon becoming a mommy for the second time (congratulations!!) How did the appearance of your first child influence your work and your creativity?

Thank you 🙂 When you are becoming a mum for the first time, it takes a while, until you fit into that role. At the beginning time and creativity is left behind. But you quickly get into your old form and start new. Of course you will never have the opportunities you had before the offspring was there. But this is a very usual process. Therefore, as a mother you are out in the nature a lot and have the chance to catch a lot of beautiful moments on camera. Before these days, I used to sit in the office at the best time of the day.

Moreover my private situation inspired me to create a second account on Instagram, where I am exclusively post photos around my child. Beginning with little moments in every day life up to the design of the children’s room. But due to a lack of time I am not maintaining this account regularly, and am spending my time, that has gotten rare and precious, to my main account.

A very big support for me is my husband, who is after a day of work and on the weekends, completely there for the family, so that I am having one or another hour for myself to make some photos.

When our second child is enlarging the family, it will surely get more difficult to set some time free for passion. But that will work out sooner or later, as well.


I saw, that you were in Paris about a year ago. After the birth of your first child you will probably be pretty smitten, do you still have the wish to travel again soon?

Yes, absolutely. Travelling is a part of our life. Before our son came into the world, we have travelled different continents and saw a lot. But Paris has a special meaning for us. Me and my man spend our first vacation, that was exactly 14 years ago, there and since then we try to go there as often as possible. Besides, on the Place du Trocadéro I got my proposal 7 years ago. 🙂

But currently we spend our summers in Croatia, where my family is from: with a little child is is much more relaxing for us. Once the kids are a little bit older, we can’t wait to show them the world.


Quite a few of your pictures, are printed on our postcards, do you use or send these cards or did you ever buy some cards from the other artists from Pickmotion? (If yes which ones?)

I personally don’t send these cards, but add them to every present which i pack for friends or family. People enjoy it and it also makes me a little bit proud to give away my own works.

Some Instagram friends in Holland, Austria and from Germany have already sent me pictures from shops, where my cards are sold. It is a great feeling and makes me really happy.

I did not buy cards from other artists yet. But that is mostly because I have still so many from my own. But as soon as soon as they’re used up, I will definitely buy some from other artists. I’ve already seen my own cards a little too often.

Is there a photo from you, that is not on a postcards yet, but you wish it would be printed?

I think Pickmotion has already made the right selection. I would maybe wish two of my current picture as a motive. The one with the biscuits all over, and the new year’s naked-cake. 🙂


Do you have other professional operations as a photographer beside Instagram? In which area where you active before you got successful on the internet?

Photography has always been my passion. But professionally i went another way. I learned industrial management and afterwards worked in the technical sales of an  aluminum and steel wheel manufacturer for 15 years. Something completely different 🙂

I love the photography is a creative balance to my main job and I don’t want to go without both one of these things, yet.


We are also interested what you like to look up on Instagram. Would you like to reveal your favourite accounts to us ?

Oh, I love to scroll trough the pictures of other Instagramers, and sometimes I am scrolling through various feeds for ages.

I am mostly interested in flowers, food and interior.My favourite accounts are _foodstories_, ezgipolat, ingwervanille and nonihana_.