cat_gericke did it some weeks ago, she travelled with her 4 month old baby. A roadtrip documented by the special photographer on Instagram. It’s possible for her to start a movie in my mind by looking on her pictures. Now she explains how you can visit at least five countries and have a lot of great memories with your baby meanwhile.

1. Slowlife is the perfect mantra for delightful travels

“We bought a used Peugeot Family Tepee last year because we got to know that we would be three soon. And this car was great for our roadtrip. It’s a leisure activity vehicle and we packed the car completely full. We needed every milimiter while we travelled.

Hamburg was the start and every 1,5 hours it was very important for us to take a break because little babies (our son was 4 months at this time) shouldn’t sit in the infant carrier for longer (it could suffocate them). So our daily route was usually just 300km, a big change for us to plan it and meanwhile the journey. Without kids our roadtrips were maaaaaany kilometers in short time periods but to take breaks and keep it slow was the best thing to do, we recognized now. We forgot how good the settling in a nomad life is and because of less sleep as parents we moved sloth-like. 2 months was enough time to do the trip and it felt like we had all the time in the world.

So we drove from Hamburg to the Netherlands, to Belgium, to Calais in France. There we took the ferry to Dover and further to Eastbourne. South England, a few days London, then a beautiful time followed in Bath and the area, after that Wales: From Tintern Abbey through the inside of the country to Aberystwith and to my godfather near to Pwllheli. There went some days with good food and Ginger wine before we visited Conwy, Chester and Shap at the north of the Lake District. Scotland was the next destination: Glasgow, the Highlands, Oban, Isle of Skye, Glasgow, then to Englangs Eastcoast. We stopped at Newcastle Upon Tyne. Durham was on our bucket list and it was a pretty place of England.

Here we took the road to York where I always wanted to and it was a hard goodbye when we had to leave the island. The ferry went from Kingston Upon Hull to Rotterdam (overnight) where we drove to Scheveningen to enjoy the sun at the beach. Now we visited Zwolle and came back to Hamburg. A veeeeeery short version of our roadtrips. ;)”

2. You are looking for a baby-friendly country? Visit UK!

“Baby-food: My son should have been breastfed by me when we traveled, so baby-food wouldn’t be a problem. But it was because breastfeeding worked just in the beginning. So we relied on baby flour. I bought as much as possible before the trip and put every package in a big bucket found at Metro. Space saving! One bucket is really easier to transport than the cardboard boxes. Later we discovered that the milk flour we used is also sold in Great Britain ( with different labels, there is no PRE-Milk but 1st and 2nd etc). We compared the ingredients and found out which one we used. For older babies who eat already pap is also exactly as much to choose as here. Sometimes even more, i thought…
Diaper changing: UK is a parent dream. EVERYWHERE are diaper changing tables! everywhere! In cafes, libraries, restaurants, museums. New malls have even great furnished rooms for nursing moms and diaper changing rooms with more than one table! Great Britain is really child friendly. Not only that pedestrians give you way on narrow sidewalks but they are also interested and nice. When we came back to Germany it was a hard change, here are diaper changing tables almost only in drugstores. Now I often use an App that tells me where I can find baby friendly places. That was not needed in the UK.
Bathing: This was very uncomplicated. Beforehand I ordered an inflatable baby bath via Amazon. It was completely ok (a little bit unstable at holding the watermass but ok). There are also bathtubs to fold that take little space. A Must-Have for roadtrips with small babies! And don’t forget the thermometer! ;)”

3. AirBnB is also for young families the best price-performance ratio

“We used AirBnB the most. The private room option and the apartment option. The local prices and the kindness of the host was the important factor for decisions to book. The first homes I booked long time before we travelled (for example Brügge because it is a place for tourists) but meanwhile the trip has changed. One of the most beautiful and nicest hosts was in Aberystwyth, Wales. We booked it at the same day, one hour before we arrived, and everything went very well. Always mind about a family friendly home. We didn’t live in holiday houses because we never stayed longer than 3 nights (with exception of London, Glasgow, Pwllheli, Oban – here we visited friends and family).

In Durham we lived in a hotel that was a imposition – mold and mugginess. I would recommend AirBnB. Best price-performance ratio!”

4. An inflatable bed is Must-Have!

“Next to all options to carry your baby (baby sling and Manduca), as well as the mandatory buggy, the Must Have is a baby crib. We had a travel crib (by Chicco), it was fast built and easy docked to every bed. So keeping the little one near to us worked great and it eased feeding him in the night. The thermos was also used alot (to mix milk water is necessary). Our son loves his baby seesaw Björn. He couldn’t sit when we did the roadtrip and all highchairs were a taboo. But the seesaw is wonderful for little babies and space-saving to fold. With us was also a foldable diaper changing table that I bought second hand on Ebay. It was not needed anyway. :)”

5. A roadtrip is a investment in your future

“So the trip was in fact our belated honeymoon. We married 2015 and our first plan was to travel to Asia with the money we had for the honeymoon. This never matched our timetable. That way we decided to do a roadtrip as a fabulous replacement investion!” Catherine says and to save money, find sponsors, work online maybe is a good way to travel. A lot of super memories included.

6. Travels with baby gives you extraordinary memories and you want to do it again

“Apart from the whole trip and the fact that we started every day together and finished it this way, the most beautiful memory together was the sunrise at Beachy Head! No human soul except of us, a cheesy orange sky, steep cliffs, wind, nothing else. We would incredible love to travel together again! However this two-month trip was more expensive than we thought, that’s the reason why the next trip is not already planned. BUT the next idea is already in my head: camping with a baby. We feel like doing this!

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