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Category - #pckphototalk

@aladiia: “I want to get to know crazy people like myself”


In a café in Kreuzberg, the white dog Sheila makes herself comfortable on the wooden floor, Antje aka @aladiia drinks a big milk coffee and starts to tell me how it started with her and the photography. “My…

Let your imagination run wild – An interview with @o_pinheirojose


José Pinheiro aka @o_pinheirojose didn’t become part of our Instagram community for no reason! His pictures are fun, thoughtful and imaginative. He impresses us with his ideas and mix of illustration and photography. We are very pleased that…

Meet the most exceptional cat on Instagram


He is a famous fashionista on Instagram and youtube. He loves going by car. He is an awarded most dog-like cat. Meet Poonchic, the 3 year old Siamese Himalayan mix from California – and his photographer Binazir, who…

Taking awesome pictures instead of talking about style


His gallery is holiday for your eyes – minimalistic compositions, lifestyle and nature. He masters all of them pretty good. @mfcorridan aka Mauricio is a talented all rounder who just does what he loves and doesn’t stick to…

#whatmyhandsdoing by @ponypork
the hottest hands on Instagram


@ponypork is mostly known for his hands. Yes you’ve heard it right. It’s called #whatmyhandsdoing. The ideas within his creative mind already got him 54,7k followers and the photos are getting better every day! They show his tatooed hands holding…

@loewe7: Find Hanoi in Berlin
perfect urban minimal


At first when he started to study “information & communication engineering” he could have never dreamed of a life as a photographer travelling around Germany. Thai also known as @loewe7 on Instagram already assisted a wedding photographer back…

From Munich, fortunately, it is not very far
It’s always good to recharge and breathe
Interview @milortensia & @maschalinka


Munich’s cute, central neighborhood Haidhausen is home to the two sisters we met who have already build their career at a young age. Victora aka @milortensia is 22 and junior reader at a storybook publishing company, her sister…

“The more urban and dense, the more fascinating”
Interview @konaction


He has always refused to call himself a photographer. His brilliant geometric compositions, the interplay of light and shadow and risky high-angle perspectives are currently displayed in an exhibition. We talked to @konaction aka Konrad Langer about the…