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Category - #meettheteam

#meettheteam Nicole: Between Metal and Serenity

#meettheteam, Magazine

The friendly Berlin native likes to go camping, exercises regularly, and loves listening to Metal music. At the same time she always stays down-to-earth, and calls herself „old school“. Meet our new colleague Nicole! Nicole is a Berlin…

#meettheteam Jana: Berlin calling


She is a Berlin Native through and through, maintains relationships in the hood with the elderly and forms a dream team with Betty- meet our new colleague Jana! Her parents are originally from Berlin, she herself was born…

#meettheteam Izabella: Polish Trinity versus the opportunities in Berlin


She came to Berlin in a heartbeat–and finally didn’t feel like an outcast anymore. Izabella, who works as a graphic designer in the Pickmotion Team doesn’t sleep much, loves the city, and has a dry humor. In Danzig,…

#meettheteam Eszter – between humanism and the arts

#meettheteam, Magazine

Coming all the way from Budapest, Eszter grew up in a family of architects, being an only child daydreaming about visiting Ethiopia one day, where her father has often travelled for work projects and brought back home stories…

#meettheteam Sebastian – the daily eastward commute


When he is driving to work eastbound from Charlottenburg each morning, he sees the sunrise upon Funkturm – this view is taking his breath each single time. Sebastian Nowak, originally from Lublin in Poland, reared at the far…

#meettheteam Anton
From Krasnodar to crazy Berlin


He did not really bother with photography before – now he is working in the orders department for Pickmotion which accommodates with his sense of order and structure. Anton was born in Krasnodar at the Black Sea. A…

#meettheteam Ana
Both a poetic and visual talent


A new team member – and such a highly interesting one. Today we introduce you to Ana, who is not just sourcing images, but is a talented visual artist by herself. A stable job in a fix place?…

We are Pickmotion #meettheteam Silvia
creative mind and catlover


She is Chief Editor and part of Pickmotion since the end of 2014 – Silvia is the face behind most of the blogposts, the Instagram account and facebook, everything that happens in the Editorial Team. In addition to her…

We are Pickmotion #meettheteam Adi
The creative brain

#meettheteam, Magazine

It was two to two when Adi joined the Team, the gender distribution was balanced. Adi always knew that she wanted to workl with art somehow. After her artfinals in painting, sketching, sculpture and photography she first had…