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Category - #bestofinstagram

Summertime recipe – How do you spend a perfect time?


A perfect summer is about a couple of things, like the warm sun beams on your face, the salty sea water on your skin or the hot sand under your feet. Imagine you could assemble your own perfect…

#august_inthecity – Summer, Sun and Urban Life


It is August and not only the sun is burning, the life in the city is seething too. So it seems just natural to dedicate our monthly challenge to the theme of #august_inthecity. Not that there is nothing…

More Vitamin Sea and Happiness #betweentheblues

#bestofinstagram, Magazine

Salt on your lips, the wind in your hair, sun on your face. Dark Clouds, a gloomy horizon, a natural force. It limits continents, covers the biggest part of the planet. The sea. Now you can dip in…

#BestofInstagram Urban treasures – hidden Beauty


Big City life means endless opportunities. Their growth is never ending and a metropolis is endless variety, diversity, perspectives. Cities are human works but seem to live on their own. Most People call them exciting, less call them…

#BestofInstagram The hidden beauty of Nature


It is common knowledge that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder: What is plain and unremarkable for one person, is a genuine treasure for the other. Every day, we encounter small objects and things, or come…

A walk in Wedding – InstaMeet in Berlin


The first InstaMeet of this year happened last Saturday, thanks to @thisaintartschool in collaboration with @coberlin. The Instagramers had the opportunity of a guided tour through the Kreuzberg – Amerika exhibition, a chance to refresh memory with famous…

Too beautiful to be forgotten
the bullet journal saves your year


From the 24th of December to 1st of January, virtually everything is allowed. The feasting that is beginning at Christmas eve, continues in the holidays and with a full stomach and while watching our favourite Christmas movie we…

Berlin in November
a throwback


No one who lives here can deny the fact, that Berlin is not only charming in the summer! As a November child I particularly enjoyed this autumn. Pleasantly chilly days, though still the sun’s rays on your face…

#bestofinstagram autmn feelings


When Nature is saying good-bye to us just before her winter sleep, she is particularly beautiful. No wonder that during this time of the year so many still-lifes arise. The rust that lies above the trees fits them…



What is actually happening in November? The golden october is gone and the christmas time is coming. But in between? It seems like, there is something missing in November. And so are the colours in our monthly challenge.…