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Category - #thestorybehind



One might say today’s #thestorybehind is about misinterpretation of uniqueness. When originally taking the picture @ahmadel_abi did not so much have the same things in mind as we had: “So answering your question if I am talking about my photography in…



It seems as if we have to say goodbye to summer now. Following that notion, today’s #thestorybehind serves as a little homage to the happy days of summer. We asked the photographer @_hannesthun for a short statement: “It was coincidence…



Today’s #thestorybehind is about a picture by @stebie_b alias Stephan. He is a (wedding) photographer and the picture was more or less a result of coincidence: “The picture was taken while I was shooting a bridal pair. They were putting on…



Today’s picture for our #storybehind was taken by @schabernack aka Lars. We had a few questions referring to it and he gave some unique answers: What’s so special about this place? The Heiligengeistfeld (“holy ghost field”) is home…

#thestorybehind from the baltic sea to a Berlin lake


Right as we can experience the comeback of summer this year, there is a new #storybehind fitting perfectly. Hannes alias @_hannesthun told us the following about his picture: “It was a hot summerday in Berlin. We were on…

#thestorybehind “in seventh heaven”
Vanilla& Cloudcolate


@itsdylanclauss creates his illustrations by photomontage. He describes his Graphic universe as minimalistic and surreal. Today he tells us about his postcard “in seventh heaven”: For this picture I found the name “Vanilla & Cloudcolate”. That’s like a call to…

Icecream makes you happy
A summer in Berlin with @_hannesthun


@_hannnesthun proves with this new #storybehind, that you don’t need a lot for your summer cheer 🙂 What’s special about this place? On our sixth anniversary me and my girlfriend discovered this wonderful new ice cream shop around…

The story behind “Happy b-day dad”
international cat day


Today is the international cat day so we thought we show you one of our new cat postcards! This one is from @poonchic an Instagram famous cat: “It was in middle of January and we were enjoying a…

#thestorybehind “Wiesenstrauss”
wild flowers


Ana aka @quietblessings tells us where she photographed this postcard motif: The photo was taken two years ago in Hungary, beside a lake. These wild flowers were so beautiful. This picture means a lot to me, because I…

#thestorybehind “summer is here to stay”

#thestorybehind, Magazine

Today frollein_von_der_waterkant describes her perfect summer day: 30 degrees and the sun was out, finally the summer was arrived in Hamburg. So why sitting in the apartment sweating when you have the biggest outdoor pool of north Germany…