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Category - #postcardsofthemonth

Siblings, friends & allies – #postcardsofthemonth

#postcardsofthemonth, Magazine

The day of the siblings was introduced on 10th April 1998 by the US-American Claudia Evart in memory of her deceased siblings. A day that celebrates the special connection between siblings and sets an example for people worldwide:…

You go girl! Celebrating womankind – #postcardsofthemonth

#postcardsofthemonth, Magazine

The International Women’s Day has just become a public holiday here, in Berlin, and there’s never been a better time to celebrate our womanhood today, tomorrow and every day. While there is still many issues to be solved…

Parents by the book – #postcardsofthemonth

#postcardsofthemonth, Magazine

Having a loving family is undoubtedly one of the greatest gifts. Hence, celebrating the glory of family and especially parenthood is always a good idea and should be done much more often. There’s always a reason to thank…

Baby steps towards motivation – #postcardsofthemonth

#postcardsofthemonth, Magazine

We all know this feeling when around New Year’s Eve you suddenly remember all those New Year’s resolutions from one year ago that soon after the turn of the year vanished somewhere in the depths of our brains.…

Dreaming of a white Christmas – #postcardsofthemonth

#postcardsofthemonth, Magazine

This upcoming Friday marks the official beginning of winter. Although the first snow flakes have already been sighted, we are still waiting for the white charm to cover the grounds – still hoping for a white Christmas! And…

The Sweetest Day – #postcardsofthemonth


Have you unpacked Halloween decorations yet? We are especially looking forward to delicious pumpkin pie and colourful sweets this Halloween. Which leaves us even more excited that the sweetest things in life have their special day this weekend…