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Category - #postcardsofthemonth

Small Christmas Greetings – #postcardsofthemonth

#postcardsofthemonth, Magazine

This year Christmas will be a little smaller for everyone, only the closest circle of the family. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t make all our loved ones happy. You can find the right postcards here, our small ones with special and funny illustrations.

Cosy Optimism – #postcardsofthemonth

#postcardsofthemonth, Magazine

A roller coaster ride of emotions, economics and social togetherness. It still hasn’t gotten any easier, but no one should let their optimism being taken away.

The Wonder of Birth – #postcardsofthemonth

#postcardsofthemonth, Magazine

There are many small moments that can become something very special. A striking moment, which is almost magical and a true miracle of life, is a birth – when a small being starts seeing the light of day.…

Diversity and Empowerment – #postcardsofthemonth

#postcardsofthemonth, Magazine

A month full of colours, important social and political movements, but also full of positive vibes – we celebrate empowerment for the good and beautiful in the world with our #postcardsofthemonth.

Celebrate your family – #postcardsofthemonth

#postcardsofthemonth, Magazine

May is a real family month – Mother’s Day is just around the corner and Father’s Day is getting closer, too. Reason enough for us to celebrate the lovely family life with our #postcardsofthemonth.

Good Vibes – cheerful #postcardsofthemonth

#postcardsofthemonth, Magazine

How about a little handwritten, cheerful surprise? A postcard would be something nice. Our #postcardsofthemonth are the ideal messengers to send your loved ones some good vibes during these times.

Celebrating Womankind – #postcardsofthemonth

#postcardsofthemonth, Magazine

International Women’s Day was declared an official holiday here in Berlin last year and has caused some excitement in the country. We think that’s absolutely great and believe that it should also be an occasion for women beyond…



At no time of the year do we like to let our loved ones know we are thinking of them like at Christmas time. Christmas greetings cards have been around for over 170 years and the tradition persists…

Winter is for cuddling – #postcardsofthemonth

#postcardsofthemonth, Magazine

Cuddling makes you a happier and healthier person – especially when done with the right person(s). It’s basically the closest you come to feeling perfect – even more so on those grey and rainy days of this season.…

More than words – #MINIpostcardsofthemonth

#postcardsofthemonth, Magazine

Sometimes it’s not photography that you need to find the right words. Therefore, in addition to the photo postcards, you should always keep an eye out for our cute mini postcards that we want to introduce you to…