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Category - #awalkthrough

Top 20 Berlin Highlights by Pickmotion – #awalkthrough

#awalkthrough, Magazine

Surely you already know that Pickmotion is based in Berlin. Thus, we certainly know the best spots in the city and would like to present them to you!

The 6 coolest spots in Bremen – #awalkthrough

#awalkthrough, Magazine

Bremen is not only home to some famous musicians, but also to Sharon from the Team! She told us about her 6 favorite spots in town!

The Queen of the Hanseatic League – #awalkthrough Lübeck

#awalkthrough, Magazine

Since travelling is difficult for many of us at the moment, we would like to use our section #awalkthrough to guide you through some German cities. Maybe you will find the chance to do a little vacation there and then you will be prepared with some top spots you will have to see! Today, we would like to start with the wonderful Hanseatic city of Lübeck, also known as “Queen of the Hanseatic League”.

A City To Fall In Love – #awalkthrough Munich

#awalkthrough, Magazine

Breathtaking architecture, serenity, beer gardens, Münch’ner humour and the Alps in the back – what could be better than to experience the special atmosphere of the most beautiful city in southern Germany? Truly not much, that’s why we’re…

#awalkthrough – Magical Spring Flower Fields

#awalkthrough, Magazine

We are almost in the middle of spring, the flowers sprout from the ground and everything in nature begins to bloom colourfully. Since this year it is, unfortunately, a bit difficult to experience this natural spectacle up close…

Mainhattan – #awalkthrough Frankfurt

#awalkthrough, Magazine

The winter trade show marathon is coming to an end and we just finished the Paperworld trade fair but still have the Ambiente ahead of us. Both of them in Frankfurt, the Manhattan of Germany, also fondly called…

Paris, je t’aime – #awalkthrough

#awalkthrough, Magazine

Oh Paris – the city of love, fashion and beauty. The French capital is one of the most important cities in Europe and one of the leading centers for art, fashion, gastronomy and culture worldwide. The cityscape is…

The Pearl of the Elbe River – #awalkthrough Hamburg

#awalkthrough, Magazine

Hamburg – for us, the second most beautiful city in the world – is something very special. One of the largest ports in Europe, Hanseatic culture and history, a good dose of humor, North German serenity and now…

picture-perfect #awalkthrough Cologne


Today, we have a small sneak peak for our next #pckwalk – and thus a #awalkthrough Cologne! Never been to the beautiful city next to the river Rhine? No problem, we’ve gathered five of the city’s best photo…

#awalkthrough coloured cities of Europe

#awalkthrough, Magazine

The world is full of colourful wonders waiting to be explored, and while nature never fails to amaze us, cities close and far are also full of colours. Colours always play an important role in bringing exceptional beauty…