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Category - Magazine

3 DIY Plant Cuttings – #giftingmakesushappy

#giftingmakesushappy, Magazine

In love with plants? In our new DIY we show you how to propaagate three types of plants in an easy way! A great gift for yourself or your loved ones.

Time for good vibes! – #pckphototalk with @golden_freckles

#pckphototalk, Magazine

Colourful shades, creative drawings and cute animations – this is @golden_freckles! Find out, which connection she has to Walt Disney and what inspires her.

Top 20 Berlin Highlights by Pickmotion – #awalkthrough

#awalkthrough, Magazine

Surely you already know that Pickmotion is based in Berlin. Thus, we certainly know the best spots in the city and would like to present them to you!

#meettheteam Marie – The Moment Counts

#meettheteam, Magazine

Adventurous, spontaneous, and always ready to help – this is Marie, our new intern in Digital Business. Keep reading to get to know her a little bit more!

Pastel Power! – #postcardsofthemonth

#postcardsofthemonth, Magazine

Soft, vivid, and yet noble – we love pastel colours! We dedicate this #postcardofthemonth to pastel colours, which fit perfectly to any occasion!

Beauty in Imagination – #pckphototalk with @mlfchrzi

#pckphototalk, Magazine

From travel photography to creative compositions in pastel colours – @mlfchrzi presents all of this on his Instagram Feed. We had a little chat with him!

DIY Gifts for Babies – #giftingmakesushappy

#giftingmakesushappy, Magazine

Have you been invited to a baby party and you still need a gift? We have prepared two cute and easy DIY gifting ideas for you to recreate!

Colourful happiness – #pckphototalk with @erinsummer_

#pckphototalk, Magazine

Erin Summers pictures are colorful and sweeten everyone’s day! In our interview, she told us about her passion and some tips for aspiring photographers!

#meettheteam Karin – little northern light

#meettheteam, Magazine

Karin is our new intern in our content and editorial staff. She loves to write, think about languages, and do something creative.

Animal Greetings! – #postcardsofthemonth

#postcardsofthemonth, Magazine

It’s getting wild! This month is filled with many cool events and we have prepared some fun and animal-inspired motifs for you!