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You are an #awesomeshop and want the world to know you?

Then we might have just the right thing for you as a shop.

Every month we feature one of the shops selling our PICKMOTION products.

An interview to get to know you and your enterprise better, accompanied by pictures of your shop – and a great article for the #awesomeshop category of our online magazine #pckmag is complete!

Sounds good?

If you are interested, write an email to storyteller@pickmotion.de and become our next #awesomeshop!


In the blog format #awesomeshop readers get to know about the founding story, the concept and the range of a shop.

  • Why did you decide for PICKMOTION and how is that aligned to the other products you offer?
  • How does your shop look like and what do you care about most?
  • For which interior design did you opt?
  • Who are your customers?
  • In which neighbourhood is the shop situated?
  • etc.

We are interested in the people and stories behind your successful business.

We are excited to write down your story!