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Author - Viktoria


#bestofinstagram, Magazine

This year I decided not to make any New Year’s resolutions which anyway seem to be entirely unrealistic. Not to eat chocolate for one month?! Nope, because actually I really don’t want to do that. That time can…

The „Papierhaus Cailun“ – the appealing store in the neighborhood


So far with #geilerladen we presented you mostly shops all around Europe, but there are also a lot of amazing shops at Pickmotion’s home base, in Berlin. This time we would like to introduce a shop to you which is…

#meettheteam Anne: out into the nature


She loves dogs, to work with her hands and to spend time in the nature. Here comes Anne. Our newest member is taking care of the administration for the order team and will be the link between this…

Instagram – a fake reality

#bestofinstagram, Magazine

If you have a look around on Instagram, you will see all those perfect pictures showing fancy clothes and especially beautiful picture details. We start comparing ourselves by looking at our messy life with Pizza cartons on the…

Go or No? – Pickmotion explores Perspective Playground

#pcknews, Magazine

Tinsel keeps flying, reflexions and plays of light wherever you turn your head to – am I trapped in a parallel universe? Not exactly, I am in the middle of Berlin in this year’s Perspective Playground (Kraftwerk, Köpenicker…