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Author - Vera Kärcher



What is actually happening in November? The golden october is gone and the christmas time is coming. But in between? It seems like, there is something missing in November. And so are the colours in our monthly challenge.…

#thestorybehind a deep look


@liselottski has a short and easy story behind her postcard, where she captured a  playful moment: “This photo is taken in my home. The cat is 18 years old and named Moltas. I thought he would look good with…

#thestorybehind the power of nature


@hannaerberh tells us in a wonderful way, how she manages to switch off and with that, she encourages us to appreciate the #littlethings : These Silence, in the middle of the woods. .The trees wavering quietly in the…



#thestoybehind from @jesuso_ortiz shows us how less it takes to give our imagination a push and describes how important the viewer is for the value of a picture: “In this photo I play with colors (as always) and I…