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Author - Vera Kärcher

#thestorybehind A Rocky moment on the rocks


@hannesthun tells us about his adventurous once-in-a-lifetime experience with his fiancee up on the mountains in Cape Town. My personal Rocky moment in Cape Town! We climbed up the Lions Head aka the backyard of the Natives, for…

A little talk with LIGHTPOEM


You’re specialized on still lives, what do you like most about creating them? I love the whole process and therefore I can commit. It is for example beginning with a visit at my favourite florist and continues with making…

Too beautiful to be forgotten
the bullet journal saves your year


From the 24th of December to 1st of January, virtually everything is allowed. The feasting that is beginning at Christmas eve, continues in the holidays and with a full stomach and while watching our favourite Christmas movie we…

#thestorybehind christmas gifts


@tiaza is having exactly the right words for the upcoming festiveness and brings us into a thoughtful mood: “For me, Christmas is not as much about opening our presents as opening our hearts. Christmas is all about sharing love…

#storybehind the old and beautiful


konaction gives us some of the good old retro vibes, that we all love so much: What is special about this place?  The columns are a relic of a bygone era, as it is nowadays more rare in…

#thestorybehind sea more


In her little interview, Lotte (@lbeerman) makes us desire to go on vacation incredibly much: In which situation did you take the picture ? This Picture is created in Nepal, Italy, during my vacation in the last year.…

#thestorybehind the little dots


@thislittlelion loves to be jolly and simple at once. The Postcard and it’s story perfectly express her kind of creativity: “Balloons are playful and even more so with polka dots on them. I liked the concept of having the polka…

#bestofinstagram autmn feelings


When Nature is saying good-bye to us just before her winter sleep, she is particularly beautiful. No wonder that during this time of the year so many still-lifes arise. The rust that lies above the trees fits them…

#thestorybehind a new day


@ponypork has some motivational words about his postcard, that makes it seem even more meaningful: Its a new day, a new life, and a lot of new challenges. It all depends on how we look at things. It’s…

#thestorybehind good friendships


@ohmydoggies story keeps up with the theme of our postcard. It is about a special Friend that is doing everything for the perfect shot: “We LOVE Instagram! It has provided us with the ability to be creative, build…