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Author - Patrice Baunov

#stay_cosy_november – Coffee Places

#bestofinstagram, Magazine

It is November and it is cold – no one really wants to be outside and everyone rather would like to snuggle into a warm and cosy blanket. Don’t we all feel like that? Thus, all those who…

The Holistic Lifestyle Shop – Unterhaltung Lieblingsstücke

#awesomeshop, Magazine

Ruhr Valley – associated with steel, coal, beer and football. But you’re miles out – there is much more than just that. Design, Lifestyle and Trends can be found also here. A very special oasis of the modern,…

#awalkthrough Rome – Views from different Perspectives

#awalkthrough, Magazine

In August we have been for a weekend trip in Rome, the capital of Italy and of course I had to document everything in the analogue way of shooting on film. Even if it was nearly as hot…

#Octoberpassages – A Time of Change


Mist, rain and always clouds in the sky – autumn is at its fullest and bestows us with dull but also very beautiful, mystic sceneries. You can’t ignore it any longer, it is October and autumn has arrived.…

Zweite Liebe – there where you have a closer look

#awesomeshop, Magazine

It’s time again to present you another #awesomeshop. Today we stay in our own city, the lovely Berlin, and show you Zweite Liebe – a shop with a lot of love for details. At Zweite Liebe you find…

Life is awesome at the Selekteur Store

#awesomeshop, Magazine

It’s time again – we have a very special store for you in our monthly series #awesomeshop. This time we are in Düsseldorf at a modern oasis with soul, where you can find hand-picked and ageless everyday items…

September’s Play of Light

#bestofinstagram, Magazine

The summer is at its last gasp and has almost left us, but this period, especially the month of September, unveils wonderful plays of light – everywhere in the city and in the nature. It is a time…

Go Slow – Analogue Photography in the Instaverse

#bestofinstagram, Magazine

In our fast moving world and the flood of images by smartphonographers there actually still exist some people who truly dedicated themselves to a slower lifestyle. You’re thinking of Slow Food? No, I’m not talking about that even…

#august_inthecity – Summer, Sun and Urban Life


It is August and not only the sun is burning, the life in the city is seething too. So it seems just natural to dedicate our monthly challenge to the theme of #august_inthecity. Not that there is nothing…