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Author - Patrice Baunov

Siebter Himmel – Beautiful Discoveries

#awesomeshop, Magazine

A rather unusual but wonderful bookstore. Here, the passions for books & design are combined in an unexpected way & provide a very special kind of inspiration.

Cosy Optimism – #postcardsofthemonth

#postcardsofthemonth, Magazine

A roller coaster ride of emotions, economics and social togetherness. It still hasn’t gotten any easier, but no one should let their optimism being taken away.

Coastal Love – #pckphototalk with @lioliene

#pckphototalk, Magazine

KÜSTENLIEBE – Coastal Love a phototalk with @lioliene Endless sandy beaches, rough winds, the sound of the sea, fairytale forests that seem almost mystical, and wonderful people who enjoy life. Our PICKMOTION photographer @lioliene totally fell in love…

Gumprecht – Modernity in the Old Town

#awesomeshop, Magazine

Today we’re going to the south of Germany – to Regensburg, because here, too, you can find an #awesomeshop of the extra class. Exceptional products, a familiar sense of wellbeing and always customer-oriented. Here you can find out…

The Best City In The World – #pckphototalk with @seplb

#pckphototalk, Magazine

Vienna – the most livable city in the world. And not only that. It is bursting with history, art, culture and breathtaking architecture. An urban paradise with the romantic charm of the imperial era. It goes without saying…

#meettheteam Elli – Sustainable Lifestyle

#meettheteam, Magazine

Art historian and book lover with a great sense of responsibility for sustainability, as well as a passion for photography, nature and everything that is vintage. Learn more about Elli, our new head of product development and graphic…

The Wonder of Birth – #postcardsofthemonth

#postcardsofthemonth, Magazine

There are many small moments that can become something very special. A striking moment, which is almost magical and a true miracle of life, is a birth – when a small being starts seeing the light of day.…

Putinki Helsinki – Nordic Stationery Magic

#awesomeshop, Magazine

Today we are happy to introduce you to this #awesomeshop which might be almost the most northern chain store in the world where you can find our lovely products. Check out Putinki – a place full of magic…

Wohnraum – Gifts & Interior

#awesomeshop, Magazine

Today we present you the “Wohnraum” in Frankfurt am Main. An #awesomeshop for trendy home textiles, upholstered furniture, lights and atmospheric accessories. Here, style and atmosphere are created for your own four walls in an urban environment, and…

Love, Light & Good Feelings – #pckphototalk with @_hannesthun

#pckphototalk, Magazine

Traveling around the world, atmospheric portraits, wonderful snapshots, vintage cars and lots of good mood – that’s @_hannesthun . We talked to the digital nomad, wedding photographer and self-appointed feel-good manager to find out more about him and…