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Author - Linda Sittmann

#awesomeshop with Cedon: Modern Diversity


In our segment #awesomeshop we show you the most beautiful and most unique shops in Europe that sell our postcards. Today we show you another awesome store in Germany: Cedon, a shop located in three different locations; in…

#BestofInstagram The hidden beauty of Nature


It is common knowledge that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder: What is plain and unremarkable for one person, is a genuine treasure for the other. Every day, we encounter small objects and things, or come…

#awesomeshops with Muster: Scandinavian inspired romance


In our segment #awesomeshop, we show you the most beautiful and most unique shops and their owners that sell our postcards. One of those unique stores is Muster: The scandinavian inspired shop in Tallinn, Estonia with its pastel,…

#thestorybehind About can openers and cuddles


Meet Woody and Lars! @oh_hedwig gushes over her two adorable cats and tells us about the origin of their unusual names: „Here you can see Woody and Lars, two real Natives from Berlin. Our Siam/Ragdoll-rascals were named after…

#meettheteam Nicole: Between Metal and Serenity

#meettheteam, Magazine

The friendly Berlin native likes to go camping, exercises regularly, and loves listening to Metal music. At the same time she always stays down-to-earth, and calls herself „old school“. Meet our new colleague Nicole! Nicole is a Berlin…

#awesomeshops with Rota do Chá: A paradise for peaceful relaxation


Our cards are available everywhere in Europe, and in our segment #awesomeshop we show you the most unique and most beautiful shops and their owners. Today, we have something very special from Portugal: The tea house Rota do…

#thestorybehind Colorful Uniqueness


@silvanamangana loves unicorns! Here she explains to us why she has a special place for them in her heart, and tells us more about the beautiful message, her magical photo conveys:   “I love unicorns! When I was a…

#awesomeshops with Le Vélo de Léon: A gentle dream from France!


You can find Pickmotion everywhere in Europe- and that’s why we show you a wonderful little shop in France in the segment #awesomeshop today, where we feature the most beautiful and most unique shops and their owners. Today,…

#awesomeshops with Optiks: A feast for the eyes- not only for wearers of glasses!


Our cards are available everywhere in Europe and in the segment #awesomeshop we show you the most beautiful and most unique stores and their owners. Optiks is one of those unique shops and we can hardly get enough of…