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Author - Lara

#meettheteam Anna – live the moment

#meettheteam, Magazine

She has a weakness for lists of any kind; to-do-lists, shopping lists or Excel lists. Let’s welcome Anna, our new sales support! Only two months ago, this upper-Austrian native moved from her hometown to Berlin to realize her…

New-Year’s-Eve Decoration Trends 2019: The “Golden Twenties” are ahead!


New Year’s Eve is approaching faster than ever! Even though we are still in the middle of warming up for Christmas, we have to confess that we almost only think about the last day of this year. Just…

#meettheteam Marlies – America Enthusiast

#meettheteam, Magazine

Working with numbers is boring? Not for Marlies! Please join me in welcoming our new team member for the accounting department. Her career started off the classic way. After successfully completing her apprenticeship as an office administration clerk…

#meettheteam Ambra – talented linguist with strong ambitions

#meettheteam, Magazine

The fact that she is anything but normal was already clear from her very first career wish: she wanted to become a real hacker. This was a rather unusual dream for the then 8-year-old Ambra! Times change and…