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Author - Karin Belkowski

The 6 coolest spots in Bremen – #awalkthrough

#awalkthrough, Magazine

Bremen is not only home to some famous musicians, but also to Sharon from the Team! She told us about her 6 favorite spots in town!

#meettheteam Katrin – Creative Mind

#meettheteam, Magazine

No matter if digital or analog – Katrin loves to let her creative mind run free. Here you can learn more about our new senior graphic designer!

Love is Love – #postcardsofthemonth

#postcardsofthemonth, Magazine

June is Pride-Month and it is all about love, pride and courage. We want to give some insight into this month’s history and spread all the love!

#meettheteam Polina – Artsy Soul

#meettheteam, Magazine

Polina is our new intern in Sourcing & Artist Management and likes to spend her time with photography and Art. Keep reading to find out more about her!

Buchkantine – bookstore & bistro

#awesomeshop, Magazine

Slowly but steady, retail stores can open their doors again. If you are looking for a nice read and spot to relax, you should check out the Buchkantine!

Cute Name Magnets – #giftingmakesushappy

#giftingmakesushappy, Magazine

Are you looking for a gift for your little one? Our cute name magnets will not only personalize your gift, but is also super cute and practical!

#meettheteam Tina – Full of Adventures

#meettheteam, Magazine

Our new intern in graphic design is called Tina: a cheerful and adventurous spirit, who loves to travel, get to know new things and has a big passion for graphic design!

Thanks for the flowers! – #postcardsofthemonth

#postcardsofthemonth, Magazine

The sun is shining, the trees are carrying green leaves again and a beautiful sea of flowers can be discovered at every corner of the world! Spring has finally arrived and there is hardly a better time than now to send some floral greeting cards to your loved ones!

#meettheteam Ricarda – Excited Sporting Ace

#meettheteam, Magazine

Happy mood, positive vibes and beautiful things – these are some of the things Ricarda likes to be around and wants to share with the world. Together with PICKMOTION, she wants to carry out this mission and therefore supports us actively as the head of product development and graphic design.

Joy in the Pop of Colors! – #pckphototalk with @tomwindeknecht

#pckphototalk, Magazine

Colorful photographs, exceptional motifs, and creative stop-motion-animations! All of this can be discovered on @tomwindeknecht’s Instagram-Feed and we are absolutely in love with it!  For this reason, we could not miss out on the opportunity to talk a little bit with him! In this interview, you will find out how Tom got into photography, what inspires him to create such vivid pictures, and which of his photographs was eternalized on one of our postcards!