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Author - Josefine Lippmann

#thestorybehind of early risers and great curiosity

#thestorybehind, Magazine

Today the dear @marmelis_dietirolerin tells you something about a picture, which she has taken on a foggy morning in Austria. “On the day the picture was taken, I jumped out of bed early in the morning to be…

#thestorybehind memory and foresight

#thestorybehind, Magazine

This day we going to meet @frankseltmann, a talented photographer from Dresden. He will tell us something about his trip to Iceland with some his photographer-friends. A story about memories and a look into the future: “We had…

Promobo- special shopping-experience with laughing-effect

#awesomeshop, Magazine

In our segment #awesomeshop we regularly introduce you to the most unique and beautiful shops where you can buy our postcards. This week I would like to introduce you Promobo. This wonderfully diversified shop can be found twice…

Last minute Openair-/ Festivaltips for loiterer


ATTENTION! ATTENTION! The festival season has begun! Anyone who has forgotten to book a ticket for a nice festival, because of his extended winter sleep will hopefully find something in this blog post. I’ve been looking for festivals…

#thestorybehind the extraordinary Supermodel

#thestorybehind, Magazine

This time our #thestorybehind is about an extraordinary Supermodel and full memory cards. Meet the talented Photographer @martynaozogphoto! “This cutie in the photo is my little girl Floey. She’s a two years old Border Colie and my true…

#thestorybehind about floral wreaths and catnames

#thestorybehind, Magazine

@liztsarevna gives us an insight into the blooming garden at her parents place and told us something about how to dupe a photo-shrinking cat and how it feels when you’re far away from your family. “First and foremost…

#thestorybehind the pink tunnel


The #storybehind from @lightpoem perfectly goes with the beginning of spring. Let us hope for warm weather and a blooming nature. “Almost every year, it takes me to this place. The Heerstasse in my hometown Bonn is a…

#meettheteam Saskia Anker – From the concrete to the verdancy


Not entirely normal – that’s the three words it takes her to describe herself. She likes thinking out of the box sometimes instead of always straight. The same applies to her son with whom she is talking a…